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Windows 7 has now come up with special features. People have faced problems in past days but now there are many reasons that you should use Windows 7 for your PC. The performance of your PC will increase significantly and you will be able to carry your day to day task with finesse. First, we will discuss the Features that are associated with Getintopc Windows 7.You May Like Getintopc Office 2016.

Getintopc Windows 7 Free Download Iso

Getintopc Windows 7 Awesome Features 

  • Can Run In Any PC

One of the major reasons that people prefer Windows 7 as OS is that it is compatible with any computer. You do not need the newest processors of computers for running this OS. On netbooks, Windows 7 runs faster in comparison to other OS in the same range and even Media Center runs smoothly in Windows 7 OS. The loading time when you start your computer is 50 seconds which is just a few seconds slower than Windows XP.

  •   Control And Security

The user accounts can be easily handled and also is easy to control with Windows 7. The security is tight but even after this one can easily retrieve passwords of the other accounts using the Admin account. Moreover, there will not be many prompts which will make your work hard.

Windows 7 Free Download Iso

  •  Speed

There were lots of issues with the initial version but now Microsoft has come up with the upgraded Windows 7 which has really improved its performance. The standout thing in the realm of speed is that the boot times have becomes faster and less time-consuming. The responsiveness of the PC has also been enhanced. This was the major problem when Windows Vista was in use. The speed was too slow and even after using the upgraded hardware, the speed was just sluggish. Now this problem is omitted with Windows 7 in use.

  •  Your Folders And Libraries

This feature of Windows 7 has totally taken the problems of searching your files and organizing them. You can now stack up folders in huge quantities in your hard drives and can access them in the way you want. Windows 7 is providing one-click access which you can get from the left pane of the Windows Explorer. It also lets you designate you’re your folders without the need of knowing their location.

  •   Hardware Requirements Are Lessened

The transition process to Windows XP has been really a tough process if you consider the Vista. But here is a relaxation with Windows 7. The first thing is to be noticed in this realm s that Windows 7 runs on lower-end hardware. So the transition to Windows XP is not as complicated as it is with Vista.Also Check Getintopc Windows 10.

  •  Support With Big-Screen

Now Windows 7 is fully capable of catering to high definition displays without any problem. For an external display, you just need to press Windows+P and the pop-up menu will occur providing options like extend your desktop to the second screen, duplicate and the like from which you can choose the option that you want. You also have the option to zoom the screen up to 150% to make the text in the readable format.

Getintopc Windows 7 Iso

  •  System Tray Will Not Agitate Now

The good news with Windows 7 is that now there will be no extra [pop-ups that will come and will frustrate you in your working process. Of course, a user needs and appreciates head-up but when it is unnecessary and results in time consumption, and then nobody is happy.

Warning texts n Windows 7 now occurs in ‘Windows Solutions Center’ which is a tiny icon sitting on System Tray. Moreover, this will only show the warning messages when you will click on it. This means you would not be displayed the messages on your screen at the time you just do not want them to occur.

Moreover, the System Trey will not give you tons of applications which are just curious to enter your PC. The revamped Trey now shows only the three most important apps and the rest goes to the overflow area. This way, the Trey is more organized and you get a leeway in managing your security.

System Requirements To Run Windows 7 :

There are some requirements if you want to use Windows 7 for your PC. We will be giving a brief about some of those.

  • The processor of your C should be 1 gigahertz or faster.
  • 1 GB RAM or 2 GB RAM
  • The available hard-disk space should be at least 16 GB (20 GB would serve better).
  • You also need DirectX 9 device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.

There Are Some Other Things About Windows 7 That You Should Know

1.  Multiple-Processors

The high-end computers have more than one processors and because these computers handle heavy and bulky tasks which need heavy processing units. So if you are using any such PC and your hardware is not updated, then Windows 7 may not run properly on the OCs which have more than one physical processors. To keep the function, speed, and output in the standard form, one should have the hardware updated so that Windows 7 could give the full support to these PCs.

2.  Using HomeGroup

Windows HomeGroup is a feature which allows the users to share the printers and files on a home network easily. But this feature needs network and PCs running Windows 7. Even if one system in the network does not have the Windows 7, you would not be able to share files. You can share music, videos etc on multiple computer systems. It is one of the fastest and reliable ways to share stuff on the computer systems.

In spite of making the hiring process easy, the platform has the password-protected feature. It is on the users that what they want t share and what they should not. This is not all. There is an option of making files ‘read-only’ so that people can see what you have but cannot share or run it until you give the permission.

 How To Install Windows 7


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