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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download



Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

Overview of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

Adobe Photoshop is being used by designers to make various kinds of images for web pages. The images can be improved by using various types of tools and Photoshop CC 2018 comes with many tools to remove the errors in the images. Users can also download an image and make changes so that no copyright issues can be raised. The software is used to make posters, banners, websites, logos, icons, and many other things.

The application includes pre-developed templates, which the users can use to create images. The software is easy to use and beginners can also use the application to create new images or improve an existing one. There is no CD or DVD available for the application and users have to download the licensed software from the official website.You May Like Adobe Photoshop CS6

Features of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Free Download

Select and Marks Improvements

Designers can use the feature to change the background of the image. In the 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop CC, this feature has been much improved but the designers have to clean the final image after all the modifications have been done. In order to change the background of the image, the designers have to go to Select and Mask option from the Select menu and use the Quick Selection Tool to select the part of an image and preserve it. After that, the Refine Edge Brush Tool should be used to clear the edges of the image.

Color and Luminance Range Masking

The designers, especially the photographers, can use this feature to make certain parts of an image either light or dark. The tool can be used to improve the saturation of a color. In order to sue the feature, the designer has to click a photo and saturate the color or make it dark or light.

Lightroom photos access

The designers can now access Lightroom photos very easily as the company has launched two versions of Lightroom photos in Creative Cloud Subscription and users have o subscribe here to access the pictures.

The Lightroom classic version has not been integrated into Photoshop but the Adobe Lightroom CC will soon be integrated and users can access the photos. Users can see three options when they will open Photoshop and these options include existing files, Recent CC files and LR Photos. Users can click LR photos to access the files saved on the cloud. Users can use search option to get the desired photo from the LightRoom.

Adobe Photoshop 2018 32/64 Bit

Properties Panel

There are many panels developed for the Photoshop CC 2018 and one of them is Properties Panel. Users can use this panel to provide various options related o a text. They can change font, size, and color of the text. It saves much time of the users while manipulating text. This helps the users to work easily as there are very few panels opened on the screen. Previously, many panels were opened to manage text, which made it difficult to work.

Brushes Panel

The company has changed the name of Brushes Panel to Brushes Settings Panel. The Brushes Presets Panel has been named as Brushes. Users can see all the brushes on the Brushes panel. Users also have the option of creating their custom brush, which can also be seen in the panel. Kyle Webster also creates new brushes, which users can see in the panel.

The different types of brushes included in the panel are dry media brushes, special effects brushes, and wet media brushes. There are many timesaving changes made in the panel to select a brush. After selecting a Brush, if the user wants to change it, he can do so by right clicking the image. There is no need to go to the Brush Panel or Brush Picker from the menu.

Users also have the options of creating groups of custom buttons. Users can also nest the groups if needed.  Users can also scale the brushes to view any number of brushes simultaneously. In order to view the brush stroke tip, users can adjust the view settings.

Shortcut of copy and paste

In the previous versions of Photoshop, users do not have the option of using keyboard shortcut for copying and pasting images or text. In this version, this feature has been implemented. Users can also paste the layers at the place where they like through Ctrl + Shift + V.

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Variable Fonts

Another feature implemented in this version is the Variable Fonts, which users can use to select the typeface. The weight and width of the text can easily be adjusted with the use of these fonts. The Properties panel will help the users in setting the text to an exact position with proper width and weight. Each setting can be adjusted with the use of a slider. Currently, very few variable fonts are available but users will be able to download more in future.

Learn Panel

The company has introduced Learn Panel, which will help the beginners to learn the application. Users can open the panel through the Windows menu. The new people can easily earn Photoshop through this panel. There are many Photoshop tutorials available on the internet but this panel will also help the users to learn the program easily.

There are four categories in the panel, which have many chapters. After selecting a tutorial, the app will guide the user regarding the procedure of using the related tools in the application. Users have to click a button and rest is the task of the application.

The panel has rich tooltips, which helps the users to know about the working of each tool. When a user takes the mouse cursor to a tool, a small window will open and let the user know about the working of the tool.

Wrap Up

These are the features, which are added to the Photoshop and users can learn to use them easily. Many new panels have been added to reduce the time consumption while improving an image. More tools will be added in future versions to help the users to work easily on the application.

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