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Windows 10 Pro ISO Free Download



Windows 10 Pro ISO Free Download

Windows 10 Free Download


Windows 10 Pro ISO file is one of the files which are the latest nowadays and it also comes in the very simplest form so people don’t face any problem while using it. It is easy to use.

Now a question arises: what is Windows 10 Pro ISO? So the ISO here means it is a file format which is also sometimes called the ISO image and this is the duplicate copy of an optical disc. The contents which are present in the disc are useful for the present all CD or DVD.ISO file is useless if it is not open and collects. IOS gives us many useful features with the help of combining the two windows one is Windows 7 and the other is Windows 8 so with a combination of all these features so you experience amazing after using this. Windows 10 Pro ISO file can be easily downloaded on PCs, android mobile phones, tablets, embedded systems, and also on the Holo lens.

The most useful and interesting part of this Windows 10 Pro ISO file is that it has the icon named Captivating Windows icon on the left corner of the bottom and when you click it. It displayed you the start menu option.After download when you use Windows 10 Pro ISO File then you definitely know its new features and there are some of the old features also present in this but these features are also modified with a new also download Windows 8.1

Windows 10 Pro ISO Free Download




One feature which is most wanted by the users is updated by the Windows 10 Pro ISO file and it gives full focus on control over updates. Now you have all options to choose the updated according to your choice. Whether sometimes it automatically updates some of the important updates but for those updates which are not very important and put in optional it will always take your permission before starting the update.


Start menu 2 panels

In Windows 10 Pro ISO file, the start menu continues again with many more features and it comes with having two panels one on both sides the column which appears on the left side shows the app which you used just recently and the column on the right side shows tiles which you can change according to your needs and you also can changes its size.



Windows 10 Pro ISO file also gives you the best update by providing you the best experience of Cortana and this helps you with chat support you can easily have a conversation with Cortana which always answers to your question which in early only answers to your voice but now it gave answers of question via chat also. Windows 10 Pro ISO file now works with both the light and dark themes due to support the panel sittings of Cortana. Cortana is also updated now with many more languages and it also now works in a better and smart way.


Greater and Improved Multitasking

This feature of Windows 10 Pro ISO file gives you a feature in which on the same PC you can easily use the set of Windows and it will help you in managing many apps and open Windows.


Cloud updates for reinstalling Windows

Another feature of this Windows is that it gives the feature of cloud updates for reinstalling Windows. It helps you by using a cloud update so this will further download the date files online from Windows to the files of your system. It is more useful and necessary while reinstalling Windows.


Updation of the bandwidth

Another feature of this is updation of the bandwidth some of the users facing the problem of having limited bandwidth so this Windows 10 Pro ISO file helps those users by updating the settings of bandwidth with this you have more control over the bandwidth of your Windows. It will also help you in adjusting and setting of a complete bandwidth for the downloaded updates.

Windows 10 Pro Free Download

Virtual desktop

Another feature of this is its Virtual desktop you can now use its virtual desktop with names and even you can also insert emojis with it.


Search Bar option

Their Search Bar option is also updated now with a new feature of search now you have the option to choose between the classic and enhanced search. In classic search you only get the files that are present in this Windows but in enhanced search you will search from files and from the internet also. Windows search option also takes part in removing the useless files from the system so that the performance of the system increases.

Control over restarting apps

There are many more features which are present in Windows 10 Pro ISO file and those are it also gives you the more network information. It also supports cameras, it has more control over the restarting apps it has, cleanup of disks without deleting any download folders, Quick searches are also present, optional paint and WordPad feature, Bluetooth connection, language settings, Text cursor indicator are also present in this and there is also a feature of online also download Windows 7

Additional Features

  • It provides you the features of quick connectivity.
  • It also gives you the feature of tools with privacy as Domain join.
  • Feature of Group Policy Management is also present in Windows 10 Pro ISO file.
  • Featured with remote desktop also.
  • Updated with the feature of Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer (EMIE).
  • It also helps you with the feature of its direct access function also.
  • Skype feature is also available in this Windows in some selected countries and regions.
  • You require a Microsoft account for using some of the features.
  • Speech Recognition is also one of the best features and it helps you in doing your work with ease and perfection.


  • Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz)
  • RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2GB ( 64-bit)
  • Free hard disk space: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: Microsoft DirectX graphics device with WDDM driver.
  • Display: 800×600
  • CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz)

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