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Smart Options for the Proper Video Conversion Now



Smart Options for the Proper Video Conversion Now

Smart Options for the Proper Video Conversion Now

Enjoy videos and music your way! Using the Movavi Video Converter software, you can prepare your multimedia files for immediate playback in any format and device. And you do not have to be an expert: Just select the format or device from a large list of supported options and click on a button – your files will be done in seconds.

There’s also a huge range of exciting extras available: improve video quality, adjust and normalize volume levels, trim, merge, cut and rotate before conversion – all thanks to our legally protected and easy to use interface in English that’s easy to understand!

Video Conversion from AVI to MP4 is a popular procedure that allows you to convert one video format to another. This procedure is especially often used when a device or player does not support your existing video format so it’s perfectly logical to translate it to another. This can help different program converters.

  • Formatting Factory

A convenient video conversion program is that it allows not only to work with audio and video formats but also to perform video conversion specifically for mobile devices by fully adapting the format and resolution.

The program is equipped with a convenient interface with support for the Russian language and is also distributed absolutely free of charge.

Download the Format Factory software

Movavi Video Converter has a stylish interface, a large set of supported video formats, allows you to process video, pruning, color correction, text coverage and watermarks, etc. And so you can see the functionality and versatility of this tool, developers get a free 7-day trial,

The drawback is that the program is distributed conditionally, after seven days the user will have to buy the full version if he wants to continue working on it. Let’s see how to convert AVI to MP4 using this program.

Once the program has been downloaded to your computer and started, you should click on the “Add Files” button – “Add Video …” button.

  • Open the video via Movavi

You will then be prompted to select the file you want to convert to be made by the user.

Then you have to go to the “Videos” tab and select the output format you want, in which case you should click “AVI”.

  • Select the Movavi output format

If you call out the output file settings, you can change and adjust a lot so that experienced users can perfectly improve the output document.

After all settings and select the folder you want to save, you can click the Start button and wait for the program to convert AVI to MP4.

  • Start Movavi

In just a few minutes, the program has already begun converting the document from one format to another. The user just has to wait a minute and get a new file in another extension without losing quality.


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