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Top Trends of Transitions in TikTok



Transitions in editing TikTok videos are necessary to achieve a special effect. Transitions allow you to make one clip from several videos. They are used most often for the effective association. To most new users, the transition technique may seem daunting, but it’s actually not that intimidating.

Also, such a technique may be appropriate to demonstrate, for example, a reincarnation or a new theme. 

Transitions In TikTok

A well-made transition can work as a profitable strategy for increasing the number of views. The surprise effect has long been one of the main tools in the field of marketing and Tik Tok video editing. It has long been known that a person on a subconscious level enjoys such surprises. The surprise stimulates the desire to watch the video. Transitions gradually provoke the interest of the viewer. And new videos will get more responses.

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