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What You Need To Know About Mirror Text – Tips And Tricks

What You Need To Know About Mirror Text – Tips And Tricks



Mirror text is gaining too much popularity, especially among teenagers and adults. People all around the world use it to play mindful games, show off their creativity, and many more.

However, there are still many people including the ones who are still not completely aware of mirror text.

This is the reason why, we have decided to come up with a complete blog post discussing every essential detail about mirror text, including tips and tricks.

What is mirror text?

As the name suggests, mirror text refers to text that has been reversed or flipped into a mirror image of the original characters.

To provide you with a better idea of mirror text, have a look at the below example 

Normal text: 

“Hi there, this is me jack”

Mirrored version:

“ʞɔɒį ɘm ƨi ƨiʜɈ ɘɿɘʜɈ iH”

As you can see in the example, the mirrored version is written in a completely opposite way as compared to the original text. 

Now that, you may get a better idea of what actually mirror text is. It’s time to understand how you can make mirror text quickly and efficiently. 

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How to Make Mirror Text?

Below, we have discussed multiple methods to make mirror-style text. 

Method 1: Write manually

This is obvious, the very first method to make mirror text is by writing in the opposite way as shown in the example above. However, this will require a lot of time and practice because you have to write each word in a reverse way. 

This process will become lengthier if you are planning to convert a long piece of text into a mirror style.  

Method 2: Utilize online tools

This is the preferred method to make mirror text as it requires no time and effort. 

There are numerous tools available on the internet that allow users to quickly convert normal text into mirror text. All you need to do is to provide simple text to these tools, and they will quickly provide you with a mirrored version of it. 

For a quick understanding, we have converted a simple text into a mirror text using Textreverse’s popular mirror text generating tool. To see how it works, have a look at the below image:

Know About Mirror Text

As you can see, the tool has quickly converted the given text into mirror-style text. So, these are two different methods that you can consider using to make mirror text. 

Tips and Tricks for Mirror Text

There are several tips and tricks for mirror text that are discussed below in detail. And we think most users are going to utilize online tools to mate mirror text. This is because this method is quick and easy. So, all the tips mentioned are in the context of online mirror text tools.  

1. Convert simple text into mirror style in small parts:

The very first is that you should convert text into mirror style in small parts. So that, you can easily understand its original version. However, if you convert a long piece of text at once, it will become quite difficult for you to figure out where a particular sentence is starting or ending. 

There is would be good if you convert normal text sentence by sentence into mirror text. So that you can later guess its original version easily. 

2. Do not make use of symbols:

Another useful tip that you need to consider while converting normal text into mirror is that, you should not make use of symbols. If you add use symbols like “$”, “@” “%” “&”, etc, the mirror text will skip them during the conversion process. 

So, it would be if you do not use any kind of symbols in the text, otherwise, they will be skipped by the tool. 

3. Make use of numbers: 

You cannot make use of symbols, but you do make use of numbers in the text that you are planning to convert in mirror style. 

Apart from reversing words in the opposite form, mirror text tools can also reverse numbers in the opposite way. By adding numbers in the mirror text, you can make it more unique and difficult to understand for others. 

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Final thoughts

Mirror text is becoming too much popular nowadays among people. People are using it for both playing mindful games and to show off their creativity.

However, most users are still not aware of what actually mirror text is. This is why, in this article, we explained everything in essential detail about mirror text, hope you will find the given information valuable. 

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