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WhatsApp Tips and Tricks



WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp that is widely being used in almost every country these days to communicate with family, co-workers and friends or even more than that is a social phenomenon and a complete channel for getting in touch with the world out there. WhatsApp users are found everywhere in present era because it is the most handy and convenient mobile application that can also work in other electronic devices. Day by day, it is coming up with incredible and unique features to capture the users or to get the maximum output. Recently WhatsApp introduced perks of uploading your status that are stories you can put on WhatsApp wherever you are or whatever you are doing to share with your family and friends.You Should Also Check How To Make Free Calls From Internet.

Even after being familiar with this amazing social application many people are still not aware of the best use of WhatsApp, and there are some tips and tricks for making an optimum use of whatsApp we need to know.Also Check Whatsapp Gb Free Download Apk

  • WhatsApp in web browser

If you are likely to use whatsApp on your computer that is web browser whatsApp, there is a perfect way out for this action if you are having some trouble with your phone and want to shift it to phone it is easily connected to your phone and whatsApp offers many features for computer users using

  • Backups of conversations

In the case of security issues, one needs to have a backup of whatsApp conversations then transferring them in email is the best possible way, which is simpler with WhatsApp. You just need to open the chat you need to save, click options, more, email chat and follow the screen instructions.

  • How to know your message is read.

Indicator ticks that are the grey and blue one tell the message have been delivered and blue tells the receiver has read it. But how to know the time it has, been sent and delivered?  For this, you have to go to the sent messages details, open a chat then tap and hold any message that was sent and tap the info button from the action bar.

  • Configuring privacy options.

Some people are so much conscious and concerned about privacy issues, and for that reason, they often avoid using some social sites, but WhatsApp is providing you with an option to configure privacy in a way. For instance, you do not want to show your last seen to everyone you can go and change the setting so it can be shown to your close friends only or even nobody.

  • Hiding blue ticks

This is another way to keep away the people to see and know that you have read the message or not. It is needed when you cannot reply instantly, and so you turn them off. In the same way, you are not able to see blue ticks of your receiver that your message is seen or not.  It will be done through account settings.

  • Find favourites or who you talk to.

Sometimes, you need to know to whom you talk most and who is in your favourite list you are frequently contacting. You can get to know it IOS if you are using WhatsApp there through settings – data and storage usage – storage usage – select contact.

  • Stopping people see your messages

If you have given your phone to the friend and do not want them to read your messages you can turn off the message preview specifically in IOS and in this way the person name will be shown not the whole story.

  • Want to hide your profile picture?

You do not want to show your profile picture to everyone. GOT IT! Especially when you are a part of any WhatsApp group and do not want people to look at your profile picture so, you can update a setting by hiding your profile picture. The options could be nobody, friends and everyone. It is one of the best options for privacy that WhatsApp gives to its users. You can limit the audience to see you Whatsapp picture and stories you share.

  • Bookmark important messages

There are some messages that are important to you other messages like an important life event, celebration or anything else, so you want to keep them safe, and you bookmark them by some settings for iOS it goes like chats > specific chats > specific messages > swipe left to right

For Android users it will like chats> specific chats> tap on contact name on top> custom notifications.

  • Saving data allowance

If your data storage is limited and you do not want WhatsApp to use it so you can customise the settings of data allowance. Media settings do it.  It will be downloaded only when is it allowed to download, and it can save your data from WhatsApp media files. People usually get troubled when their data is fully munched by WhatsApp as they get unnecessary files, pictures, audios, etc. from their contacts and do not want all of them on the phone so this the best option to customise the settings of data allowance and keeping your data saved for useful files.

  • Sending public message privately

If you are supposed to ask about something a kind of public message about any hangout or a plan, so you just ask your friends separately about that public message and make it easier to decide things through WhatsApp.

You can also send a public message to a list of friends at one time, which is broadcasting messaging.

IOS: chats> broadcast list > new list > add contacts

Android: chats > menu> broadcast

It is great for time-saving and not typing the same message, again and again, to send to people.

By applying these methods and changing some privacy settings, you can make WhatsApp much safe, simple and easier than ever. You must know these tips and tricks for a better use of your favourite application WhatsApp.



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