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7 Useful Blogging Tools You Need 



7 Useful Blogging Tools You Need 

7 Useful Blogging Tools You Need 

7 Useful Blogging Tools You Need 

Blogging has taken the internet by storm over the past few years. In fact, there are tons of bloggers who earn a handsome income from this skill. Yes, Good money!

To most people, blogging is all about writing about topics one loves and posting them for people to read. But there is more than meets the eye.  If you have decided to open a blog and work on it as your full-time job, you will need to manage your audiences and keep them excited with new content every day. Additionally, if you are working from home, you can easily be distracted your favourite TV program or hobby, and procrastination can become part of you. Finding the best Yahoo rank tracker and quality pictures to accompany your content can be a daunting task.

f you want to establish a 10-figure business with your blog, you cannot entirely depend on your passion as a writer. There are a few tools you need, and if you have been looking for the best without success, you are lucky you have come to the right place. below are some tools that will help you rank better on Google, write better blog posts, attract massive traffic to your site, and much more.

  • Sumo

Sumo is doubtlessly one of the most thrilling tools for blogging, and the best side of it is that you can get it free of charge! It allows you do various analytics on your blogs, add social sharing buttons, and email capture forms. In case you need more advanced options for utmost productivity, Sumo has taken care of your needs since it comes with a paid version that includes many sophisticated templates.

Don’t worry if you are not willing to part with a handful of bucks for the premium version. The free one will still allow you flexibility and power, and you will be swimming in success in no time.

  • Canva

After you have created content that will attract readers to your blog, do not forget that the humanmind is more attracted to graphics. Therefore, you will need images that will blend well with it. Canvas is a great tool when it comes to creating custom images that you can use within your blog posts, or insert them in your social media when doing content marketing.

  • Grammarly

You might be the best writer in the world, but since you are not 100% perfect, you need a tool that will help you in the proof-reading phase. Grammarly is a highly effective grammar checker, and it is indeed the most popular today. It presents a host of suggestions that will make you learn lots of valuable lessons in your writing career. And by the way, Grammarly has launched a new dashboard which comes with more exciting features. This is a tool you need to check out as a blogger.Grammarly Is The Best Effective Grammar Checker Tool In The Market

  • Pixabay

Wait, do you need to purchase or make custom images for your blog all the time? This can be stressing and pricey. You need a tool that can give you access to royalty-free images. This is what Pixabay does. It has loads of free pictures from different industries, and you will undoubtedly get somethi8ng that will meet your blogging needs!

  • LastPass

The worst experience you can face as a blogger is forgetting your password and finding it hard to retrieve it. LastPass is a tool that helps in password protection and management. With it, you don’t have to stop what you are doing to remember a password; it will give it to you promptly.

  • Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very vital in website and blogging management. The most recommended SEO tool is Yoast SEO since it covers all the basics of SEO and optimizes all your posts and pages.

It is very easy to use. If you can follow simple instructions, you will go a long mile in ensuring goodSEO for all the blog posts you create.

  • ZenWriter

Are you always distracted by the number of features and buttons available in most writing platforms? Then, ZenWriter was specially made for you. It is a highly efficient writing application. If you want to produce the best work on the internet, link it with a paraphrase creator, and you will be smiling at the rate at which your blog will take you to the top.

Even though blogging has become highly competitive, success is possible as long as you make good use of the tools mentioned above. With them, you don’t have to do everything by yourself anymore!

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