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Are You An Online Shopping Addict



Sure Signs That You Are an Online Shopping Addict

Sure Signs That You Are an Online Shopping Addict

Sure Signs That You Are an Online Shopping Addict

If you find yourself with the following habits, then know that you are Addicted to online shopping. You have the best and latest product in the market, but one thing you are sure about it is that you never stepped out from your home to make the purchase. In fact, you purchased it with a 20% off, within a blink of an eye. You are an expert when it comes to online shopping. But are you an online shopping addict?

Below are signs that you are addicted to online shopping.

  1. You are a member of every promotional campaign

If you find that your inbox is full of promotional emails than the emails you sent every day, know you are an addict of online shopping. You have allowed your promotional box to overflow and you are happy about the online-only deals. When you ever find that when you sign in your email all that you can see are new promotional messages and not work emails or even breaking news, that’s a sign. You are a member of every promotional campaign from different retailers you have ever come across online.

  1. Your card number is at your fingertips

If you ever find yourself having your card number in your fingertips that you don’t have to spend the time to reach out to your card in your pocket to read the number, then know that you are addicted to online shopping. In fact, some people go ahead and save their card number on certain online shopping sites. Although you are aware that saving your confidential information online is not safe you don’t think of removing it from the internet.

  1. You know your courier service’s drivers by their names

Your local FedEx drivers are who usually drop your Shopping at your doorstep are people who have interacted with to the extent of knowing where they come from, their wives, their kids and all other information related to them and in fact, the recent box that was dropped off at your doorstep is a present you purchased for them for their anniversary. Dude, you are an online shopping addict.

  1. In your list of hobbies, shopping appears at the top

If I am not wrong especially for women, the first hobby that you could ever say is cooking but when shopping appears to be your first hobby then you are used to online shopping than any other thing.

  1. You are not worried about trying it first

Do you find yourself not minding about trying it out first before you purchase it?

It is normal for buyers to try something first before purchasing it or seeing it physically. However, if you find that you can purchase a product just from viewing a picture of it, well; this is a sure sign of online shopping addiction.

  1. You are not comfortable to shop on physical stores

It is true that purchasing items from a local store comes with its own challenges since you have to queue for a long time and maybe you will have to see the retailer and communicate face to face so that you can get good deals but why go through all these frustrations yet you can do it from the comfort of your home just by using your computer and an internet connection.


Online shopping is the easiest and fastest way to buy goods. In fact, it can be the safest way to make your purchase, but if you find yourself overdoing it, then know you are an online shopping addict.


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