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10 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps



Learning how to control spending and the use of credit cards will mean the need to understand why you spend. If you understand the emotional reasons for your spending, it is easier to identify how to resist it. The following are The top Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps:

Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps

  1. PocketGuard (iOS, Android)

This is budget management and bank account tracking app which allows you to check your balance and what you can afford per day. The app is used to connect your card accounts and bank using an encrypted and read-only connection which allows viewing of your account status and transactions securely. PocketGuards automatically sorts everything you buy, all your bills, subscriptions, and all your payments. The app also estimates the amount that you can spend safely from your account without being broken.

  1. Home Budget with Sync ( iOS, Android)

It’s an expense management and expense app that has a Family Sharing feature that allows you to set a budget easily and then sync expenses and income between many devices. The app will enable you to manage income, create a budget and easily categorize expenditures over time. You can easily track purchases and learn about your spending habits using charts, itemized lists, and infographics. Using the app, you can efficiently your expenses and bills with your friends or family members.

  1. Financisto (Android, iOS: Free)

Financisto is a finance app that is very much capable of doing many things. For one, it lets you add multiple types of bank accounts and even numerous numbers of accounts per type. This means that you can add checking and savings accounts together into your file manager. For both types, you can add more than one account. With Financisto, you can also monitor which among your payments are recurring. Once you see the pattern, you can schedule them to make sure you don’t lag behind your payments. This app can also help you create either a short-term or long-term budget.

  1. Wally (iOS, Android: Free)

The app aims to collect all the financial information that you need and helps you to take control of all your finances. You can set a saving goal, income, and the spending budget that you can reference at the main dashboard. You can quickly view and create expenses. The app also helps with keeping track of all your saved money and saving goals. It features include; location and social tools for your costs hence allowing you to record everything and also your spending.

  1. (iOS, Android: Free) allows you to keep track of all your personal finance accounts in one place. Additionally, they can track spending, create a budget and save more. Customers can categorize transactions, view charts and graphs showing their expense patterns, etc.

  1. Wallet (Android, iOS: Free)

The app allows the use of multiple currencies. It comes with an automatic bank syncing feature for all your expenses and bank balance. The app allows you the option of manually importing entries, label all transactions to ease tracking of budgets. It comes with financial insight, predictions display, and other metrics which will help you plan your money.

  1. Expense Manager

This is an android and iOS app that enables you to track your expenses across categories on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can search for individual transactions, set up payment alerts, import and export data from your phone to your desktop, and take pictures of receipts while storing. It has a currency calculator, tax calculator, etc. It is a neat little useful app.

  1. Dollarbird (iOS, Android: Free)

The app uses a calendar-centric approach to track expenses and budgeting. You can edit expenses, add and remove income. Using a timeline or calendar you can view your income and expenses. If you are using a version, you can create many budgeting calendars and share them with other app users. Suitable for small families and teams.

  1. Honeyfi (iOS, Android: Free)

The app is built on households’ minds and collaborative budgeting. Using the app, you can set a household budget and also link your personal and household so that you can put all your expenses together. You can add comments, tag transactions, create categories, and use the app to recommend how to spend your money automatically.

  1. Clarity Money (iOs, Android: Free)

This is a free Budgeting and Personal Finance App which helps you manage your money and budget through many methods. As a user, you can link your bank account and cars to the app. The app then analyses them according to your spending behavior, identifies opportunities that you can use to save money. You can also use the app to set your goals.

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