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Cool Inventions by College Students



8 Cool Inventions by College Students

8 Cool Inventions by College Students

Who said that you really have to be an adult and experienced scientist to become a real inventor? One fact relates the inventions below – they all came into being thanks to college students. These young people have a goal to make the world better, just like the, and they are eager to do it. If you have any ideas, after reading this article, you might dare to finally announce them to the world. If a student has been able to invent something worthwhile, am I worse?

Eye management

Sooner or later people will grow lazy to such an extent that it will be difficult for them even to move their fingers on the touchpad or mobile screens. The student from America, Matt Moss, working on his invention, did not think how to make life easier for lazy people, but how to help those who have disabilities. Now users of Apple products can download an application that will allow them to manage their gadget using their eyes. You look at the button and blink if y to click on it. For this, the function of tracking the direction of the eye’s movement is built in.

Сlean no matter how hard you try

The student from San Francisco Amir Patel created T-shirts, fabric of which is not getting wet or dirty and it remains comfortable during wear. When a liquid is on the fabric, the created air barrier prevents it from penetration into the material, thanks to the polyester and microscopic parts of the silica inside it. These T-shirts are safe for health. They can get dirty neither with wine nor with ketchup, which makes these T-shirts very desirable for all lovers of cleanliness and comfort.

Not alone any longer

The Chinese student Khang Yanmin invented a dog that can track the life indicators of the owners, and if necessary, the robot can call an ambulance or transmit an alarm to the relatives of the owner. The robot has sensors and cameras built in to help it move, and touch sensors as well. If the owner of the device will beat the robo-dog, the device can electrocute a person in response. The device also has built-in sensors for measuring human temperature, an NFC chip for unlocking smart doors in the owner’s apartment, and simple artificial intelligence that allows him to accept parcels from couriers.

Fighting water pollution

There is an invention in our list that is aimed at combating a global problem, such as water pollution. The student from Ukraine Ruslan Koptev developed the robot “Riveroni”, which is able to collect garbage on the surface of any reservoirs. The device works on solar batteries, that is why it does not need a daily recharge. It can be automatically controlled via the WI-FI network. The robot works on the principle of a vacuum cleaner and was assembled from improvised means.

A tiny satellite for dimensionless space

Rifat Shaaruk, a student from India, invented the smallest and lightest satellite in the world weighing only 64 grams. This is a small cube printed on a 3d carbon fiber printer. Mini-satellite took the 1st place in the competition Cubes in Space and was already drawn the attention of the US space agency NASA. In June of this year, the device will be launched to the 1st four-hour suborbital mission.

Self-healing “glass.”

The material “polyether thioureas” (polyether thyme), is repaired with simple finger friction. And it became the 1st solid, hard material that can be “treated” at room temperatures. Earlier scientists at the University of California developed a polymer that can stretch and return to its original form instead of breaking. And concern LG released an experimental smartphone two years ago, which small scratches are able to “heal” themselves. But the process of such “treatment” was very long-playing.The most exciting thing is that the student from Japan Yu Yanagisawa invented a really new environmentally friendly material, which does not have to be thrown out if it breaks by accident. It would seem – a failure, but it turned out to be such an invention!

Perpetual charge

The student from Belarus Mikhail Vaga invented HandEnergy pocket electric generator, which allows to charge gadgets without using an outlet.A user just has to untwist it to get electricity. You can recharge any gadgets, ranging from smartphones and tablets, ending with “smart” watches, fitness trackers and cameras. Now it is also used as a device which helps to train the muscles of the hands and pectoral muscles. The user can see the level of charge, set the level of energy generation, follow the statistics and find himself in the top 100 of all HandEnergy users as well.

Garbage or not ?

Usually, when household appliances cannot be repaired, people throw them away. And students from Ghana Joseph Awuah-Darko and Cynthia Muhonja realized that they could be recycled in order to create furniture. This idea came to young people who wanted to give jobs to those who work in the landfill, burning mobile phones, computers, TVs to retrieve and resell copper and other valuable materials. These vapors are very harmful to health, although they allow slum dwellers to earn their living. Students want to exhibit creations in the main galleries of the world, sell at auctions and make their fellow citizens’ lives better.

By students for students

We finish our list with the invention of the world’s only automated restaurant Spyce. If you are a student, you usually eat fast food, which badly affects your health, but saves your time and energy. Restaurant with seven autonomous robotic woks, preparing healthy dishes is needed at any campus. The customer has to choose what he wants to have in his dish in the menu through the touch kiosk, and ingredients will automatically fall into one of the woks to start cooking. The food is prepared, the dishes are cleaned automatically. Quick and healthy.

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