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Cryptocurrency Rules and Taxes by Country Explained

Cryptocurrency Rules and Taxes by Country Explained



The investors who have already invested in the world of crypto have been under a panic that they were about to be doomed with the banning of crypto in India. Rather than this, they got the bonus of having the rules and regulations in the world of crypto which will change the stability of the cryptocurrency in the market. There will be some official digital currency in India which will change the system of taxes on digital assets forever.

Cryptocurrency Rules and Taxes by Country Explained

The government had previously noted that they might be banning the local exchanges in India forever. This might play a major role in the global market as well. Do you want to know the rules of taxes and regulations on crypto in other countries? This is how it works and does bitcoin work for everyone:

El Salvador

  • El Salvador was one of the very first countries which allowed the use of Bitcoin along with US dollars from 2021.
  • The president has informed that Bitcoin might be the way out for the nation from poverty on a major scale.


  • The stance which was initially taken by China in terms of Bitcoin has undergone a major change recently. 
  • The nation had allowed its citizens to work and earn through Bitcoin for several years before banning it very recently. 
  • This has been a major change for the citizens who had already invested in the world of crypto till now. 
  • The exchanges which had been working inside the country have been shut down as well. 
  • The nation itself has built a new form of cryptocurrency which can be used for longer periods of time as well.

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The United States

  • It is almost a sin not to name the words of the United States while you are talking about cryptocurrency. 
  • Each state of the US has different rules for different kinds of cryptocurrency in the market. 
  • For example, New York City has many rules which have pertained to the crypto tokens but the transaction is not prevented on any scale. 
  • The rules of each state are quite different and there are certain states which have not favored crypto in a major amount. 
  • Overall the US has a very favorable outlook towards the crypto community.

The United Kingdom

  • The United Kingdom has a separate set of legislation for cryptocurrencies. 
  • The nation has made sure that the investors have to pay a certain amount of money for the crypto tokens that they have sold or bought as tax.
  • The stringent set of rules has created a small crypto community that nevertheless has good scope in the market. 
  • The corporate tax rules are implemented very strictly in the United Kingdom.


  • Crypto assets can be bought and sold in Germany when the exchanges involved are certified by the German Banks. 
  • The nation is quite strict about the transactions which are taking place within the nation but the restrictions are not as much as they used to be.


  • The exchange commission which exists in Thailand has been holding the digital assets quite strongly. 
  • The draft regulations have prevented the investors from taking out assets from the clients. 
  • The nation had also made an attempt to avoid the volatility in the market through regulations. 
  • The interest rate has been compared with the client time and again in order to keep the values under check.

European Union

  • The European Union has about 27 member countries and the legislation is quite complicated in this manner. 
  • The framework has allowed the self-regulatory cryptosystem for a long time and it is expected that the values will be soon brought under their jurisdiction. 
  • The financial instruments which are available with the legislation of the European Union can be used in the field of crypto as well.


  • The vital currencies which are available quite easily in the market have been kept under the jurisdiction of the Israeli government. 
  • The government has considered crypto to be an important asset and this will be demanding about 25% in the very end for all kinds of transactions.

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Some countries have realized that crypto can be used within the scopes of legal tender whereas others are not still sure about it. The units or accounts of various nations will be brought under a single umbrella in the near future and as expected, the world of crypto will flourish with it. 

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