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Cryptocurrency Trading And Investing: How to Buy LINK Coins?



When you first come to the crypto market, you probably strive to buy the most traded and popular assets, such as Ethereum, Solana, etc. That is a good idea to hold such large and established cryptos in your wallet, but there are also less known yet not less promising assets that may bring you even higher income, for example, the LINK coin. Of course, LINK is not the top cryptocurrency to invest in, so why do we discuss it? Here are some reasons:

  • LINK has a smaller cap compared with the market leaders ($3,36 billion), which means it has room for growth and will faster reach a high price indicator during the next bull market.
  • LINK is a cheap asset – $6.63, so everyone can afford it.
  • LINK has a valuable technology that will be the future of the crypto realm.


LINK was released by the Chainlink project – the network where non-chain projects and real-life businesses can reach such blockchains as Solana and Ethereum, using all their advantages for their purposes, mainly smart contracts. Most real-life businesses will strive to use this technology for smart contracts ensure:

  • 100% execution of all the conditions set in a contract between two parties;
  • transparent and secure way to share and transfer data;
  • business improvement and expansion;
  • rise in income.

Smart contracts offered on the Chainlink platform are already applied by large world companies such as Google, and this is only the beginning.

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency?

The best way to invest in cryptocurrency is to use a reputable and licensed platform, for example, WhiteBIT. This crypto exchange regularly undergoes security audits and ensures a high level of safety for the client and their transactions. WhiteBIT adds only worthy crypto assets to its traded list, and you will obviously find the LINK coin in it. You can easily buy this asset using your bank card. Here’s a quick guide on how to buy cryptocurrency:

  1. Register on WhiteBIT.
  2. Complete the KYC process (this involves providing personal information and a government-issued ID).
  3. Add funds to your account (once your account is set up, you will need to add funds to it. WhiteBIT accepts bank transfers, credit or debit cards, or other cryptocurrencies).
  4. Buy LINK coin using a crypto converter or any other trading tool.

After buying cryptocurrency, it’s important to store it securely. You can store it on the WhiteBIT exchange, for it is a secure place, or you may withdraw coins to offline storage (like a ledger). Try the WhiteBIT service, and welcome to its blog to learn much more interesting about crypto investments. 

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