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Bone conduction technology is that ability to generate audible sounds by conducting vibrations directly your inner ears via the bones of your skull. It bypasses the outer and the middle ear and does not utilize the sound waves as is the case with ordinary headphones.

Gadgets that operate on this technology are ordinarily expensive and way out of the reach of many a deserving person. This calls for a reliable alternative. We are glad to spell out for you how you might construct your own do-it-yourself alternative in the explanations that follow. Apart from this,if you have weakness for skullcandy brand, here is a list of Best Skullcandy Earbuds.

  • Materials Required

The following are the materials and tools you require for these noble exercises:

  • Piezo-electric buzzer from radio shack
  • Set of earbuds
  • Soldering equipment
  • Wire strippers
  • Shrink tubing (optional)
  • Soldering rod/iron



Step 1: Dismantle the Piezzo-electric Buzzer

A piezo-electric buzzer is a small electronic device that generates beeping sound. They are housed in the hard plastic case. They may if wired appropriately, serve the role of a bone conduction headphone. The most suitable buzzer to use is that one which has the lowest voltage consumption rating possible.

To make a headphone out of the buzzer, you will first and foremost dismantle it. Proceed to extract the circular metallic discs (this disc is the actual buzzer). While doing so, ensure that you do not break apart the soldered wires.

Step 2: Destroy the Headphones

Destroy the headphone. Do this by utilizing the wire clippers to disconnect the speakers at either end of the headphones. Strip both wires. You will find two colored wires in each earphone. Exercise great caution while doing this. You do not want to completely destroy your headphone or render it impossible to rectify.

Step 3: Solder the various Components

The piezo-electric disc has a red and a black wire that is soldered to different portions or parts of the disc. Leave these two wires intact. Bundle the green and the red wires together after which you are to proceed to solder them together.

Group the red and green copper wires together also. Proceed to solder them jointly them to the black wire as well. Place a shrink tubing around the soldered wires to prevent the wires from short-circuiting. As soon as you are through with soldering the various wire components, put a big piece of shrink tubing round about the already shrunk tube wires.

Step 4: Test the New Headphones

Test your new bone conduction headphones. Plug them into your MP3 or computer audio source. Place the other end of the disc on your mastoid process or at the bone that is found in front of your ears. The quality of sound produced will generally be blurred. You will, therefore, require an equalizer or in-line amplifier to fine tune it.


Of course, no technology is foolproof. Indeed even this bone conduction technology has its fair share of downsides. Listed and explained hereunder are the main drawbacks and side effects of this otherwise wonderful technology:

Poorer Sound Quality

As has already been hinted out above, the quality of sound that is generated by such headphones s generally poor. This is because of two main reasons. For one, this technology is still in its infancy. As such, it is yet to be fine-tuned to meet higher thresholds.

Secondly, this technology is mainly meant for persons who have hearing problems. It is not really designed for persons with perfect hearing faculties. You may, therefore, want to re-evaluate your intention to acquire a gadget of this kind

Compromises your Hearing Capabilities

This technology, as has been stated, produces audio sound bypassing your ears. It, therefore, allows you to hear and perceive ambient sounds with your ears at the same time as you are listening to your favorite audio contents.

This may compromise your hearing capability in the long run. It is likely to do so by reason of subjecting your hearing faculties to intense confusion and potential damages.

Encourages Excess Noise

Given that the quality of sound that is generated by the headphone is low, there is usually a temptation to increase the volume of the audio content. This may bring along the undesired consequence of too much noise.

This may bring along several problems. It may interfere with the focus and concentration of these in the same room as you. It may also predispose your ears to permanent damages or sensitivities to extremely low sounds. Finally, it may also land you in trouble with the relevant authorities.

May Lead to Confusion

Given that this technology allows you to receive mixed signals (from your audio source and ambient sounds) simultaneously, it may lead to confusion. This confusion arises from the fact that you may be torn between responding to the prompts from your audio input and those that originate from your environment.

Such confusion can be deadly. This is especially when you are driving, in a fitness gym, or while performing another vital chore at the same time. You may, therefore, reconsider your usage of such headphones while undertaking such vital tasks.

Predisposes the Wearers to Safety Risks

Apart from confusion, these headphones also have the potential to predispose their wearers to certain safety risks. Given that they completely distort your hearing and perception of various sounds, they may impair your judgment and coordination. This may have the resultant yet undesirable consequence of plunging you into safety risks and problems.

Prolonged use of the headphones may also inflict some damages to the nerves that line up your skull. It is therefore in your best interest again to moderate the utilization of these gadgets in order to be spared from these undesirable consequences.


The bone contention headphones may have their share of downsides, granted. However, all factors considered, they are still worthy purchases indeed. Moreover, unlike the normal headphones, it is also possible for you to replicate or improvise the gadgets at home. You, therefore, have no excuse at all by not possessing at least one of them. Why don’t you attempt to acquire one soonest possible!

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