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Download SB Game Hacker For Android



Download SB Game Hacker For Android

Download SB Game Hacker For Android

Download SB Game Hacker For Android


Here everyone likes to play games and some of us love to play games on the android device as the quality of the game is high with great graphics and sound quality and is handy. But some time we download a game and play it for sometimes as it is hard to gain the coins in it so after irritating we delete it, let me give you my personal example- here everyone might have heard about the game highway rider, I just loved that game but I have never crossed the 300coins as it was not easy to play the game so I deleted it after sometimes as I got irritated that I was failing continuously to gain huge coins.Also Check How To Backup Android .

So, here we got the app SB game hacker i.e. by this app you can hack your coins and change it to whatever value you want, in simple words you can say that we can now modify the game you want your own way.


Version 4.0(latest)
Updated on Jan 9,2017
size 969 KB


  • Accuracy of this app is very high i.e. you can search what is in the game the same value for e.g. if you have say, 368 coins in the game open the game hacker now you can edit the value of any value say, 879 coins now you will have 879 coins in the game instead of 368 coins.
  • You can do the fuzzy search in this app i.e. now you can directly enter the precise value instead of accurate value.
  • Floating Point or decimal is given by this app i.e. if the value is not a integer this particular option can be used.
  • The range of the data and efficiency can be improved by the feature called Data Filtering.

Languages supported by this app are: – English, traditional Chinese, Chinese.

How to download and install SB game Hacker

NOTE: This app can be accessed only and only if your phone is rooted.

Follow the following steps and you will be easily able to download and install SB game Hacker.

 Step 1: As this app is not available on the play store, so open your phone browser and search this app by its name i.e. SB game Hacker app download.

Step 2: Before installing this app go to your phone’s settings now go to security and turn on the Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Now install the app downloaded.

Note: As you open the app the app will show you the all the text instruction in Chinese, but do not panic a license will appear on your screen accept it and you can now change the language to the English and use the app.

How to use SB game Hacker

Step 1: As the text in the license you got after clicking accept now i.e. the license cum agreement that is in the Chinese language.

Step 2: After accepting the app will display a message on your screen i.e. requesting root access this means the app is checking that the device is rooted or not.

So, the phone must be rooted to use this app

Step 3: An info box displays on your screen i.e. it will ask you on the logos/icons. Tab on the screen and it exits.

Step 4: As soon as the SB game hacker minimizes you will get a floating icon on the top left corner of your device.

Step 5: Now, it is simple open the game you want to play say, Temple run.

Step 6: Play this game for some time and gain some coins by yourself, now click on the floating icon.

Step 7: As you click on the icon of SB hacker a box comes that asks some value enter the current coins of the game you are playing and click on the search.

Step 8: After the search if only one data displays on the screen, edit it by  tabbing on it and now enter the value of our desire and click ok or done now you will be surprised to see the coins in the game i.e. the coins that you edited. Enjoy your game and gain 1000 of coins in seconds.

Now your turn

Hope so this post might have helped you we will be back with such kind of the post soon so be in touch of us subscribe us follow us and enjoy the tricks as these.

Thank you.

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