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Wasting time by watching the news? Well, you might think that how you are wasting your time by diving deep into the world of information? From where you get your daily updates regarding the happenings across the globe, you might think how it can be a waste of time? Here in this article, you will be answered to all your questions and worries, and then you will understand everything better.
What’s the most important thing you search for in the morning when you wake hard from your bed leaving the blanket covering your face under which you enjoy the warm air entering your body and smiling over the funny videos being uploaded on the social media? Well, definitely the answer is the newspaper which you can never forget. You might even leave your plans about the breakfast but be running away from the newspaper might not even strike into your mind. From wherever you get the newspaper you want to grab the maximum from it not even leaving a single piece of news from it.

But what would happen if you are frustrated with the exaggerated and the overrated writings in the newspaper and want something awesome from where your eyes will never get off? Well, this is the time when you feel is wasting your time by watching the unused and the silly news. It has become a trend of almost all the newspapers to revolve the words and the thoughts instead of sticking to the main and the highlighted points. Just to have the maximum number of reading viewers on it, they simply blank your mind with their awesome writings.

So, what shall we do? What can we do to free us from this overpowering problems? Here is this best solution for you that will care for all your problems and the tensions which you are facing reading the news. Here is this awesome app that has been presented by the combined efforts of the three friends offering you the world-class features under the tip of the fingers. The present is none other than the Awesummly short news that enlightens your path when you are stuck deep in the darker zone. It comes all down the way and flies you over the hurdles with the complete description of the news in just about 60 words. The startup reaching the heights of success in this very short interval of time is far more than appreciable and is accelerating on its way of gaining the appreciation.


The success story from the old huts to the multiplex is really appreciable where we encounter with the obstacles faced by them, and we are always willing to go through the tactics which they applied to overcome from the problem. The task was not easy when Nitin, Ankit, and Deepak wandered from company and company to get the guidance for their startup and finally with their firm determination and the Cody work they stand still into the hurricane and let this app emerged as the best short news app.

It allows its users a bunch of extraordinary features which might be not possible to the other ones. When you are not willing to read the news you can save it for your future reading where you can enjoy in your leisure time under your warmest blanket. What the most attractive feature of this app, is the audio information which you can easily grab by placing a headphone in your ears establishing your complete focus on the news. You get the automatic notification of the news when you have this app in your pocket starting your day with the breaking and the must-read news. You can share the news with your friends and let your best know about the happenings even if he has not the habit of reading

Above all, you can easily read the news from the website where you can enjoy the same level of reading.

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