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Top 5 Best Media Players For Computers in 2018



Top 5 Best Media Players For Computers in 2018

Top 5 Best Media Players For Computers in 2018

Top 5 Best Media Players For Computers in 2018
PC’s are frequently used in every sector like banking, business, Development. For individual use we love playing games, videos and songs. We also surf web. The majority of the individuals are using Windows OS on their own computer systems. Windows is popular due to easy and easy to implement interface. Listening and playing songs, watching  movies is the most frequent sort of entertainment that everybody does in their spare time. We also capture our very own videos of any particular special occasions like Wedding Functions. Lately we found out some best video editing softwares or Apps that might help you to produce videos which are more appealing. For playing videos and Listening to tunes we want media participant in our apparatus. There are several distinct sorts of media players for PC that are readily available. However, every player doesn’t support several kinds of video and audio formats. So we must select best media players which can play all formats. If windows media player is generating problems then these alternate media player for PC’s are greatest option for you. These players support all audio and video formats that are frequently utilized. Here we’re going to offer you some greatest media player for your PC in 2018.

1.VLC Player

VLC Provides simple to comprehend and user friendly interface. It support all kind of sound and movie formats. VLC also offer playlist feature, picture capture of movies. Additionally, it supports third party skins and plugins to include more performance. VLC is an open source and readily available free of charge applications.

2.Gom Player

Gom participant is just another broadly employed player for windows and supplies more interactive interface. It supply the codec services. With this service we could download codec for format that isn’t supported by it and we could play that format so that it gives flexibility for almost any upcoming audio and video format. After VLC player in addition, this is a fantastic selection and available at no cost.


KMP Player is also among the best Free participant for windows. It gives simple to comprehend interface and it’s also very light weight computer software. KMPlayer provide attributes for playlist, subtitleand skins sound filtering etc.. This program also offer video capture which will shoot video images during video playing. KMPlayer support all kinds audio and video formats.


PotPlayer is just another popular networking It supports all sorts of audio and video formats. PotPlayer can be obtained for free and encourage expansion, codec’s, subtitles. Additionally, it give you control to place the display size depending on your selection, package filters for noise reduction, interlacing brightness, contrast, color. PotPlayer is also a fantastic selection for Windows users.

5. MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home-Cinema).

MPC-HC is just another open source publicly accessible media player. It’s only available for windows. It support all sorts of video formats without needing any codec’s. MPC-HC is a light weight software and can be available for 64 bit version too. It supply Attributes like subtitles, playlist, skins, sound filtering, video recording etc.. MPC-HC doesn’t demand any load time throughout playing a sound and video.


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