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Best Programs for Android Wear Smartwatches



The Best Programs for Android Wear Smartwatches

Best Programs for Android Wear Smartwatches

Smart watches are rarely equipped with good software that can fully reveal their capabilities. If you have a budget gadget, then you may not even be aware of the potential of your devices. We will get acquainted with the best offers of the Internet network.

The following describes the best applications for Android Wear, without which it is difficult to manage a modern user.

Best Android Wear Apps Overview

In order for you to use smart watches at full capacity, you need to install the necessary applications. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Below are the most necessary programs for smartwatches with the Android Wear operating system. With them, you get the gadget’s fully utilized resources, useful functioning and maximum disclosure of opportunities.

Android Wear Smartwatches


Attempting to use your phone during a workout is a recipe for disaster, but smartwatches are more securely tied to your hand. So feel free to use this application when you are going to run. It will show you the distance, map, progress, timer and at the same time almost does not waste the battery. The application is conditionally free. And if you want the full version of the application, then you need to subscribe for a month or a year. $ 6 or $ 30, respectively.

Note! The trial version is free. For the full need to pay. In the process, there is energy saving.


Google has added some basic messaging features to its Android Wear devices, but they are still fairly simple, and it’s often easier to use phones than them. And this application allows you to quickly respond to messages and type them through templates. You can also start new conversations with your favorite contacts using voice input.

Wear Audio Recorder

This application turns your smartwatch into a wrist recorder. Management is simple – open and activates recording. Performs functions:

  • Start recording
  • Stop process
  • Renewal of work
  • Synchronization
  • Wear Aware

This supplement is useful for children’s gadgets. Because of absent-mindedness, children lose their smartphones, which brings inconvenience to the whole family. Install this application and the smartphone will signal the location and how far it moves away.

Female Fitness – Women Workout

With this application, the Best Assistant Is Smartwatches For Women. You spend only 7 minutes a day and keep your body fit and burn calories. All workouts are designed by professional trainers, and the app itself on Google Play is free.


The purpose of the program – the identification of songs. It defines the artist, composition, and text. The representative releases paid and free versions. There are no differences in their work. They function identically. In this case, the paid version is not better free.


Smartwatches with Android Wear do not have their own cameras, but you can safely use the cameras of your smartphones remotely. Just run the application on the clock, and the camera of the phone will begin to broadcast the image on them from its lens. You can switch between the main and front cameras, as well as order them to take photos, shoot videos, and it all works, even when the phone is asleep.

Photo Gallery for Android Wear

Complements the work of the previous application. With it, you can view the latest photos taken on the clock screen. There is a function of their increase and decrease. For viewing old photos, the program requires a payment of $ 3.

Weather timeline

Responsible for climate change. Sensors work accurately, the indicators do not cheat. Daily weather is updated in accordance with the new climatic features. Management is simple, all functions and commands are clear. To view weather news, just scroll through the screen with the touch of a finger.

Google keep

It is on the top of the rating among the reminders. This program serves as an accurate signaling device for important dates, notes, etc. To create notes do not need to press the keyboard. This can be done by speaking them. The device will display the text, which can then be edited.


At the heart of the representative is the connection of platforms and services. It is worth noting its ability to create buttons. The user can come up with a convenient button and assign a specific command to her. Supplement can:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi
  • Activate the lamp
  • Send SMS

Software installation

Installing applications for smartwatches on Android Wear implies convenience and clarity. Difficulties in the process do not arise. Actions are clear and simple.

To install add-ons, you must perform the following steps:

1) Log in from your phone to Google Play;

2) Enter in the search box the name of the desired program;

3) Click on the “Download” command and wait until the scale is filled;

4) After downloading, complete the installation (it will take 2 minutes to wait);

5) Open the add-on to use it.

From the number of wearable programs depends on the speed of the gadget. Adding extraneous applications, you should familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the device. Heavy programs can slow down the work of a weak gadget due to overload.


Additional programs are needed for a smart gadget. Even an ordinary user cannot do without them. Applications will help you take full advantage of your smartwatch.

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