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6 Best Construction Management Software



Construction Management Software

Reviews of Construction Management Software

Having the right software for your construction business is pertinent to the success of the project. You wouldn’t want to have the wrong software. However, with no research, it is entirely possible for you to develop your own software with the help of a good software development team but still it’s your option when you are not satisfied with the existing products available in the market for your business needs. For instance, it is difficult to monitor project activities and milestones with a collaboration solution.

You may believe that you have found the right tool, but it is far from what was expected. Here, you will get the guidance required to get the job done successfully.


Procore Construction Management Software

One of the leading construction management firms, Procore Technologies, Inc., is dedicated to helping companies boost accountability and efficiency of their projects by keeping project documentation and communication streamlined thus increasing profits.

Construction project management software review says that with Procore, the construction professionals can unite on the various projects on any web-connected device with an authorization to see all contracts, project documents, submittals, RFIs, drawings, schedules, and much more. Procore has nearly 2 million users worldwide.


CMiC is an enterprise solution for capital and construction projects. It combines versatile technological infrastructure with an eye on complete integration. It caters its services to the top 200 contractors and many small to mid-sized construction firms.

CMiC reduces the cost, enhances interoperability, and enhances productivity. It helps in boosting growth by organizing and planning the projects, finances, resources, and content assets.

For more than four decades, CMiC has been working in association with the largest AEC project owners and firms to understand the business requirements of the construction companies. You May Also Check Best Project Managment Software.


A web-based platform, Relatics, is quite popular in the city and the construction industry for systems engineering and requirements management. With it, there is no need for several spreadsheets and applications.

This helps Relatics to gain control over projects, minimize the risks and cost. The solution is frequently used by contractors, governments, consultancy firms for buildings, bridges, roads, railways, tunnels, dams, canals, airports, dredging and ports.


InEight amalgamates technology and a vision to deliver an in-depth insight to nearly 20,000 users working in about 500 companies. InEight is developed on engineering and construction excellence.

InEight tools assist the construction companies to estimate, visualize, control, manage and connect all the facets of maintenance and capital projects.  It provides integrated field-tested and customizable solutions.

InEight has the vision and the control needed to complete a project on time and within budget. It creates estimates with assemblies, production rates, and crews. Not just this, it helps in standardizing estimating procedures by using rate libraries, templates, third-party costs, and norms.


A web-based, collaboration software, Onware combines architects, owners, consultants, and contractors, the contract administration software offers tools to raise a project’s success by organizing the process to run smoothly and boosting its efficiency.

Onware combines the best analytics by Tableau ( and data visualization. It can be accessed with any internet browser. One can design, manage and then distribute project documents in addition to powerful reporting tools. Onware is by far the best option for small and large construction projects.


ProEst Estimating Software is one of the world’s leading developers of digital takeoff and estimation software for the construction industry.

ProEst has been helping the construction industry since the year 1976. More than 8000 construction companies have reaped the advantages and turned their estimation procedures better.

The easy-to-use software amalgamates the cost estimating and digital takeoff with the industry-specific databases to provide the ability required within a single solution.

The software employs the latest version of Microsoft along with the NET development platform and SQL database. It is capable of integrating with many business tools, online plan rooms, and construction accounting programs. Those were the reviews of some of the best construction project management software.

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