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Comparing SnapChat and Instagram to Find the Best for Your Business

Comparing SnapChat and Instagram

Being able to present your brand and business in a visually appealing way can help you expand your business quickly and effectively. You can take advantage of several platforms to achieve the purpose, but most people would choose between SnapChat and Instagram. Both of these channels require images and videos that your followers can check and like. When it comes likes, many sites like Gramblast can lend a helping hand in improving the authenticity of your account. However, you can also try different strategies to build a strong following on both of these platforms. Here is what you need to know when comparing the two:

Comparative Analysis: SnapChat Stories Vs Instagram Stories

SnapChat is giving a tough app challenge to the Instagram. The number of Snapchatters is increasing at a faster pace. Currently, there are over 150 million Snapchat users around the world. SnapChat is a great app for sharing your experiences with different brands and services and to share your possessions with the world.

This app is transforming at a swift pace and is evaluating its features with the current market demands making its way in the life of social media users. Its usage is increasing every day and a lot of people are making efforts to master its effective application. SnapChat is a parallel competitive of Instagram in the world of social media.

  • Capturing Photos and Videos

Snapchat provides a comparatively rapid access to the camera on its home screen. You can upload photos or video with just a click. While on Instagram you have to select the option of the camera before start capturing your photos or recording videos. Both apps provide a raid and convenient mode of sharing pictures and short videos up to 10 seconds.

  • Stories in Newsfeed

Snapchat present the stories according to their order of uploading. Stories uploaded earlier are beneath the ones updated recently. While in Instagram newsfeed stories appear according to the Instagram algorithm. The posts from accounts reviewed and commented often are placed on top while the photos from least reviewed accounts are usually at the center or sometimes at the bottom of the newsfeed.

On Snapchat screen, clicking on a photo automatically takes you to the next photo by the same poster as soon as you finish viewing the first. On the other hand, on Instagram newsfeed next or previous post opens only if you choose to view them.

  • Drawing Tools and Emoji

Snapchat gives a variety of options to include emoji anywhere on your photo or in the text. You can even add emoji in your videos too. While Instagram currently supports the use of emoji-only in text caption of photos.

Snapchat is comparatively less supportive when it comes to drawing tools. It uses a slider tool to select the color and has only a single option for pen style though it has an option to change the size of the pen. On the other hand, Instagram provides more sophisticated editing options with all the colors presented side by side to choose from. It also gives an option to select a writing style from three different pen tools. You can either choose a pen or a marker to write. There is an option of neon writing tool as well.

Reposting Old Photos

Snapchat allows its users to share their old photos that are saved in Memories to their new story. There is no time limit to share the old photos. You can share anything at any time from your saved photos. Instagram also supports the sharing of your old photos to your story but it limits the sharing of old photos from the last 24 hours only. In this feature, Instagram lacks behind the Snapchat in facilitating social media users.

  • Supporting Chats

Snapchat and Instagram are equally supportive when it comes to initiating chats. They both provide their users an opportunity to begin the conversation. On Snapchat you need to click at the‘chat’ option or swipe up the photo to begin a chat while on Instagram you have to tap on the ‘send a message’ option or swipe up to initiate a conversation.

Privacy Policy

Snapchat and Instagram both maintain the privacy of your photos and stories if you choose them to be viewed by the selected audience. There is an option of viewed by all on Snapchat if you want your photos to be seen by everyone. Similarly, you can choose your Instagram feed to be public if you want your stories to be viewed by maximum people. On the other hand, Instagram is more user-friendly and is easier to understand as compared to Snapchat, which gives Instagram an edge over the Snapchat.

So, simply consider your business needs and then select the platform for your business, or you can maintain a presence on both to maximize exposure.

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