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How to Hire Flutter Developers with Experience In Your Industry?

How to Hire Flutter Developers with Experience In Your Industry?



If you need cross-platform apps, you want to hire flutter developers – and fast. Flutter development is on a roll, and the demand is sky-high, making it challenging to find the right developer. 

How to Hire Flutter Developers with Experience In Your Industry

When you hire a flutter developer, you want to make sure that they have the right experience in the industry that you are looking to hire.  

Which Industries Use Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK created by Google. Flutter widgets allow you to develop apps for Android and iOS and Google Fuschia without harming the native performance between apps. There are specific e-Commerce applications written in Flutter, like Delly Shop. 

When you look for Flutter developers for hire, you have to consider what you would like to design and which features you are looking for. Flutter works well for apps that are highly branded across different platforms and web pages. 

It can also support hardware such as cameras, GPS, network and storage, and services such as payments, cloud-based storage, authentication, and ads making it suitable for a range of industries. 

Current companies using Flutter apps are eBay, BMW, Google Assistant, and Tencent. 

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Why Is It So Hard to Hire a Flutter Developer?

Flutter is relatively new to the market, and even very senior developers have little experience with Flutter. Flutter developers are in short supply, which is why they earn between $100-$150 per hour in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Poland and Ukraine are prime software development destinations, and their Flutter developers charge between $45-$65 per hour comparatively. However, if you do want to hire Flutter app developers in another country, you’ll need to use an outsourcing partner with a network of experienced developers. 

Offshoring involves handing over the responsibility of a task to a third-party company located in a different area or time zone. With many companies working remotely at the moment, the leap to offshoring isn’t that big. Companies can hire an entire offshore team or just a few complementary skills that they need to complete a project. 

The benefits of offshoring include:

  • Affordability: It is much cheaper to hire offshore developers. There is no need to hire or purchase equipment or office space. In some instances, you’ll benefit from offshore developers who have better equipment than your own! 
  • Convenience: The agency handles all of the administration, payment, vetting, interviewing, and hiring. 
  • Speed: The agency already has developers on the books that they’ve worked with and that are experienced in Flutter, cutting down the time you need to get started.

Questions to Ask When You Hire a Flutter Developer

When you are conducting interviews, you want to test their hard and their soft skills to see if they are a good fit. Some examples include:

  • How do you create an extension in Dart? 
  • What is a Future (using Dart)? 
  • Tell me how you would parse JSON? 
  • How do you track changes? 
  • How do you handle disagreements with your team? Provide an example.
  • What does constructive criticism mean to you? 

Questions to Ask an Outsourcing Agency When You Hire Flutter Developers

Just like interviewing a candidate, you should also ask qualifying questions of your outsourcing agency, for example:

  • Can you share examples of projects you’ve worked on in my industry?
  • How do you determine whether or not someone is a good fit?
  • How many Flutter developers with more than a year’s experience do you have in your books?
  • Can you explain exactly what you will deliver and how your process will work? 

Don’t always opt for the cheapest and fastest agency. There might be a reason why the vendor is pricing their services so low. Make sure that you negotiate a full scope of work to avoid any cost surprises and that you can test the developers they send you.  

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Before you hire Flutter developers, make sure you understand the skills you require for your industry. If you aren’t confident that you can find, vet, and place your own in-house team of developers, speak to an offshoring company that you can trust.

You’ll save time and money by going offshore without compromising on the quality of work. 

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