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How To Recover Data From Mac Hard Drive



3 Things to Do to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive

3 Things to Do to Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive

Do you intend to recover data from Mac hard drive? There are many reasons why the data or files are deleted. It can be because the hard drive has been full so that you don’t have any options except deleting some of them. Besides, you may also think that those data are not really important anymore. Whatever it is, it is definitely a disaster if later, and you realize that the files are still needed. So, what should you do? Sure, it is by putting some efforts to bring the data back.

Before you select and choose the best Mac data recovery software, there are some actions you need to do first. What are they?

  • Check the Trash Folder

Except you continue the process of the permanent deletion in the Mac hard drive recovery, all the deleted files automatically go to the Trash Folder. Yes, Trash Folder is an original feature from the computer that is automatically installed if you use this OS.

In this folder, you can find many files or data that have been deleted accidentally or not. Sure, if the deleted files you look for are still in this folder, you can just calm down. Bring them back to the original files by right-clicking it and choose the option Restore. Only in a few seconds, the files are coming back to the folders where they are initially saved. Of course, you can just use the files like usual to recover files from Mac hard drive.

  • Use the Feature of Restore Previous Versions

How is if the files are no longer in the Trash folder. There are some possibilities for this problem. First, you may have deleted it permanently or you have re-installed your Macbook so that automatically all the files even in the Trash Folder have been deleted as well.

But you should not worry since there is one more feature available in the PC for the Mac data recovery; it is the Restore Previous Versions. This feature is indeed intended for recovering the lost data with a simple and easy way without installing any other software from the outside. Just make sure that you have activated the restore point in the Macbook.

There are some steps to do to recover files from Mac hard drive using this software. First, open the folder where the files were previously saved. Second, right-click it and choose Restore Previous Versions. After it has been opened, third, choose the tab of Previous Versions. Lastly, choose the files that you want to restore. Make sure to restore it right on the position where the files were still not yet deleted.

Although it is quite simple and fast, this original software has one main lack. To operate it, you need to remember well where the files were previously saved. It is not a big deal for sure; if it is clear enough where you saved it before. The problem is that you may not remember where the files were saved specifically. Particularly, it is when the files have been deleted so many times ago.

  • Use the Special Software

Fortunately, there are now many types of software of the Mac hard disk recovery you can utilize. They are even available for free from the internet. So, you can just download and install them in your PC.

One of the software developed especially for the Mac hard drive recovery is Recoverit. It is very easy to use Recoverit but sure, in the beginning, you have to download and install it. For the new users, make sure to download the trial version at first to know whether it works well or not. Later, if you have found that the software is satisfying enough, download and install the full version.

Install the software by double clicking the app and follow the instructions by clicking the next button. There are some ways in term of the Mac hard disk recovery based on the types of the files and how you lost them. All of those options have been available in the software and you can explore them as you want. After the recovery process is done, save the files in the special folder you have prepared before.

It is not difficult to bring back the deleted files nowadays. There are some ways as well as many kinds of software available out there that can help you to solve this problem. So starting from now be sure to install the software to recover data from Mac hard drive in your computer.

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