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How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android



How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

How To 1-click Cone Your Old Android Phone To New Android Without Losing Any Data

Cloning for mobile phones basically refers to the process of transferring data from your old phone to the new one in a safe and secure manner. So, whether you want to transfer picture from phone to phone, or you are looking for an effective way of sms transfer the cloning process can make it really easy for you. Your new phone will have exactly the same data as your old phone, and so, using your new phone would feel a lot easier. Here is a detailed description of the three most useful ways for you to transfer data between your phones.

  • Using Google Drive

You can use Google drive if you want the information to be stored in cloud. It transfers information by using wireless networks. The biggest issue with this method is that it consumes tons of data and is also a rather time-consuming process.

You can use Google Drive to clone your Android phone following the given steps:

  • From the settings option of your phone, choose back up and reset.
  • Make sure that that the data is being transferred to the account that you want
  • Sign in using your Google account from the new phone to set it up after the backup is done
  • After signing in, the files will automatically be synced and backed up on your new android phone.


  • Using Phone Clone

Phone Clone is an application developed by Huawei to transfer data from one device to another using the wireless network. There is no need to have multiple android accounts for every new phone you buy if you have just this application.

Following are the steps to use phone clone for data transferring:

  • Install the phone clone app on both the devices that you have
  • The new device has to be marked as a receiver and it will serve as the Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Log on to the phone clone app from your old phone and it will start search for a Wi-Fi connection
  • Link it with the hotspot from your new phone and type in the password
  • Choose the data from your old device and click send to transfer data to your new phone.

How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

  • Using SHAREit

SHAREit is another popular application used for transferring data between two devices. This one also helps in wireless transmission of data and needs neither an internet connection nor bluetooth connectivity to transfer data.

Here are the steps through which you can transfer data using SHAREit

  • Download and install the app for free from Google Store on both the devices
  • Launch the app on the phone from where you want to transfer the data and click on send
  • Select the files that you want on your new phone
  • After you have selected all the files, click on next
  • Bring both the devices closer so that the source device can easily detect the receiving device
  • You can turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot of the source device for a faster transfer
  • Choose the image signifying the receiving device that comes on the source device and the process of cloning will start.


  • Using dr.fone

One of the quickest and easiest ways of cloning your android devices is to use dr.fone switch. This easy-to-use application lets you transfer text messages from android to android, including other data from videos, photos, messages, music, contacts, and more. Whether you use the phone from Samsung, Lenovo, LG, or Motorola, dr.fone has got you covered.

You can transfer your files easily following the given steps:

  • Download the software on windows or Mac before changing the android device. Launch the dr.fone app after linking both the devices to the computer.
  • The linked devices will be detected automatically, one as the source and the other as the destination. You can switch between these two devices if you need, by using the flip option.
  • Select the data that you need to transfer and click on the ‘start transfer’ option to start cloning your device.
  • You will get a notification after cloning is complete.

How To Transfer Photos From Android To Android

Benefits of using dr.fone

There are five top reasons for you to rely on dr.fone, and they are:

  • Supports all android and iOS devices
  • Secure, easy, and fast transfer of data
  • Supports videos, photos, contacts, documents, notes, and message transfer
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports data transfer between different operating systems, like iOS to android


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