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How to Use Discord Token Grabber?

How to Use Discord Token Grabber?



Discord is a popular online communication app that allows you to talk with other people via voice, text, and video. With Discord, you can hang out with others to talk about various topics that interest you. You can also create a new server on Discord based on the topic you want to discuss. So, others can join your server and take part in the discussions.

Just like any other communication apps, you will need to supply your username and password when you enter the Discord server.

How to Use Discord Token Grabber

Discord will then authenticate your username and password to allow you to log onto the platform and join any discussion you would like to take part in.

What is Discord Token?

Discord Token is the tokenized version of your username and password. It comprises the numbers and letters, which hide your username and password information.

This token will act as a key to log into the Discord platform. So, with the token, you no longer need to supply the username and password information before you log in, as this information is already available within the token itself.

The Discord token gets stored deep inside the browser you are using to access the Discord platform. You can explore the Developer Tools of your browser and check the Local Storage area to find the token for your Discord username and password.

You can only do this from the desktop browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

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What is Discord Token Grabber?

Discord Token Grabber is a small utility software that provides you with the automatic method to grab the Discord token stored on your web browsers and other places. With this software, you can just run it on your PC and start the process to grab your Discord token.

This software will find the Discord token on your PC by checking the desktop browsers installed on it.

Here are some features of Discord Token Grabber:

  • It uses Python as the programming language.
  • You can install it on Windows, and it doesn’t leave any local caching.
  • It uses the Discord webhook to transfer the data.
  • You can use it with the plug-and-play method, with no external Python plugin required.
  • It searches for the token in various directories, such as Discord Canary, Discord, Google Chrome, Opera, and more.

Using the Discord Token Grabber – Step by Step

You can download Discord Token Grabber from this GitHub page. First, you need to use it on your Windows PC. Then, you can follow these steps to use the Discord Token Grabber:

  • Create a new server on Discord.
  • Create a new webhook on your Discord server.
  • Open the file called “” from the software installation.
  • On this file, you can locate the string “WEBHOOK_URL” and change it to your Discord webhook URL.
  • Now, you can run this Discord Token Grabber software on any PC to grab the Discord token from that PC.

Attention: Please note that we don’t recommend you to use this software to hack on other people’s PC. 

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Now, you’ve learned about how to use Discord Token Grabber to grab the authorization token from your PC. You can use this method to ease your way of logging into the Discord server. Enjoy!

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