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Setting up your Remote Workplace For Holidays

Setting up your Remote Workplace For Holidays



It’s the holidays and working at the office may be the last thing you want to endure. Gone are the days when you must abide by a typical 9 to 5 work schedule stuck in an office cubicle under the hum of fluorescent lights.

Now that today’s technology and resources make it possible to set up the workplace of your dreams, the question becomes how to accomplish this so that you flourish both professionally and personally.

Setting up your Remote Workplace For Holidays

Establishing a Remote Holiday Workplace

It is easier than ever before to live and work from anywhere. The key to mastering the new business landscape is identifying and utilizing the many resources available. While unlimited workplace options are exciting in theory, embracing this vast number of opportunities requires careful planning.

First, you have to decide where you want to work during the holidays. Whether you want to design a perfect workplace from home sweet home without relocating or you’d like to venture out and spend the holidays somewhere new and exciting, you will still need to be sure you can meet your professional objectives.

If you’re interested in relocating away from your home base, then you might want to check out Search Remotely.

This online resource is perfect for finding remote coliving, online courses, and coworking spaces available with a helpful blog that provides insights, tips, and advice about how to manage your remote workplace for best results.

Granted, some cities offer many more opportunities than others for organized coliving and coworking opportunities. For example, larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Boston are at the top of this list if you’re interested in staying stateside.

It’s been said by many world travelers that there’s nothing like New York during the holidays. But, for those of you who don’t own a winter coat and hate the snow, then Los Angeles might be a better choice.

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Online Tools for Remote Working

Inarguably, one of the most important decisions that any worker or entrepreneur must make is how best to plan, communicate, and collaborate with business associates and coworkers to achieve performance goals.

Invariably, remote workers face as many downsides as upsides to working remotely unless they carefully select the software and apps necessary to bridge the gap created by the logistical challenges inherent in working remotely.

Below are some popular tools to consider.


This business tool offers an easy way to visually organize projects on Milanote boards. Any project benefits from a virtual whiteboard where information can be gathered and organized for ongoing research and review purposes.

Compatibility with JPGs, Word, PDFs, Excel, and many other file formats qualifies this visual aid as a practical tool for uploading images and data that can be used for brainstorming and editing purposes either privately or collaboratively.


It’s no secret that Zoom meetings have become the stuff of good-natured jokes as the “Go-To” platform for remote meetings. Images of men and women dressed in their pajamas from the waist down and sporting a starched blouse or shirt in view of the camera define the new meeting status quo.

Two main reasons this business tool has become so popular is that it is easy to use and versatile enough to accommodate most small and large meetings.

Whether you want to host a webinar or small meeting with one other associate, Zoom delivers the technology you need to make it happen. Zoom accommodates the use of screen shares and the ability to schedule invitation-only meetings.

Unique features that garner a lot of positive attention are Zoom Rooms designed as conference rooms and a recording capability used for sales purposes.


Productivity can be measured in many different ways. Nothing is more important than time management. Toggl is designed to make this possible. This popular app tracks the amount of time it takes to complete tasks making it perfect for planning and invoicing tasks.

Another notable benefit of this business tool is that it reveals which clients return the greatest profits based on a cost-benefit review specific to labor hours invested.

Google Drive

Few apps are more widely recognized and utilized by business leaders than the cloud-storage that Google Drive offers as a secure, affordable, and easily-accessible file management system. This app makes it easy to store, access, and share files with others.

A well-designed folder structure makes it simple to organize data and keep it secure. Google Drive’s compatibility with Google and other apps explain why it is so popular.

Tips for Managing an Enjoyable and Productive Holiday Work/Life Balance Remotely

1. Protect and guard your workspace.

It is far too easy to become distracted during the holidays. Roommates and children can be equally distracting, depending on your personal set of circumstances. If you are living in a typical family setting, then the kids are off from school and hyped up on a combination of sugar from holiday treats and enthusiastic good cheer.

If you’re coliving and single, your roommates might be taking some time off to celebrate and party, making it hard to focus with constant offerings of booze and food. That’s why it is crucial that you establish some strict rules defining off-limits spaces for working.

2. Establish a schedule.

Relying on self-discipline can be difficult for any person with a beating heart during the holidays. The lights and music can be irresistible. That’s why it is important to set a strict schedule for work. Don’t forget to add in break times.

3. Make yourself comfortable with a well-designed chair and headset.

Inc. recommends making ergonomics a priority. A comfy chair will make it easier to maintain a practical schedule without compromising your back in the process.

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The holidays bring new challenges and excitement to remote working. You can make the most of the season by establishing an organized remote workspace that uses tools and resources to your advantage.

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