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Simple Image Editors For Mac Users 



                Simple Image Editors For Mac Users 

Simple Image Editors For Mac Users 

 Apple’s computers are deservedly positioned as an optimal platform for creative work, a universal tool for the artist of the digital era. In this selection are presented the most interesting free and paid simple image editors for Mac users.

1. PhotoBulk – watermark, editing and renaming photos on Mac OS X.

Not always there is a need to run such a “heavy” application for simple actions. If it is required only to make a sample processing of several files, it isn’t always convenient to use powerful editors, especially for fast correction and batch conversion. For this purpose you can use the PhotoBulk application. The program allows you to set certain parameters for several files at once. You need to start the application and drag all the necessary photos into the program window. Next, you need to specify the required parameters in each section.

The first block – Watermark – is designed to add a “watermark” over the pictures. You can type a plain text, specify the current date, or choose your own logo. It is possible to specify the size of the stamp and its transparency. The changes you made can immediately be viewed in the preview window. In the second section – Resize – you can adjust the size settings. You can set manually the length or width of the picture sides. The next section – Optimize- allows you to specify the quality settings for JPEG files. Depending on this setting will change the size of the converted pictures. On the last section – Rename – are located the settings for renaming the photo. You can specify a suffix or a prefix and include numbering. As soon as all the parameters are inserted, you can start the group processing. It will be necessary just to specify the location of saving the files. All the parameters can be saved in the settings so that you do not have to re-change them the next time.

2. Pixlr Desktop – combine, adjust and edit on your Mac. 

Pixlr Desktop is a simplified version of a large graphical editor, a native application for the OS X and Windows environments. Tis editor allows you to crop photos, set the balance of colors, contrast, apply a huge number of filters, additional effects, as well as establish all kinds of frames. In the application there are more than 600 effects, overlays and frames, which help you to change the picture as you like. If you noticed red eyes, not very white teeth, or a pimple on the nose in the picture , then you can quickly get rid of these flaws with this application. It makes you feel like a professional in image processing.

Quickly combine two pictures, overlay text or visual effect, adjust the size, smooth out the sharpness, use a modest set of retouching tools, etc. This functionality is always at the disposal of the artist, pay is offered, for example, for the unblocking of individual masks and filters for individual objects. Or for getting updates – more advanced algorithms for implementing traditional options. The system is flexible, the user is free to freeze payments if he considers that in the next quarter he will be able to manage to do with what he has.You May Like iMessage For PC

3. Pixelmator – use the functional spectrum of Photoshop 

The editor is recommended for two categories of users – those who do not need to process RAW files, as well as anyone who wants to get rid of the burden in the form of a paid subscription and the need to buy updates. You pay the equivalent of $ 30 and get a “budget Photoshop”, with the difference that Pixelmator was originally created for Mac OS X. That’s why it demonstrates excellent performance on computers which age is several years or more.

Comparison with Adobe products is not accidental, as this editor supports the branded format PSD. You can edit in Pixelmator what you created in Photoshop, and with almost the same functionality. This is a thoughtful work with layers, and tons of filters, and the tool “restoring brush” and much more. But there is no flexibility in exporting data, there is no functionality for processing digital photos, there is no support for 3D structures. Quite a normal fee for the desire to save money on the graphics editor, without losing the main functional features.


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