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3 Web3 Developer Learning Tools

3 Web3 Developer Learning Tools



Web3 is the JavaScript API you can use on the Ethereum platform. It comprises the JS libraries that you can use to build codes that will interact or connect with the Ethereum blockchain. The interaction can be local or remote, depending on how you want to execute the code and how you would like to use it in practical situations.

There are various developer learning tools you can use for the Web3 JavaScript API on Ethereum, and these tools can help you learn more about this programming language, so you can create codes to interact with the ETH blockchain.

3 Web3 Developer Learning Tools

Here are 3 Web3 developer learning tools you can use:


ETH.Build is a platform that provides you with the educational sandbox for Web3 development, which allows you to build codes with drag-and-drop programming methods.

You just need to create the building blocks for your program and connect each building block using the flow you create. The process itself will help you understand more about how Ethereum works with various visual code blocks you build.


  • The Hash Function feature allows you to create the input data in any size, but the output will always be in the same size, which is 64 hexes.
  • The Key Pair feature allows you to generate a public key from a private key, and you can use it to sign a message.
  • Various code-building features are available, such as transactions, encryption, distributed ledger, Byzantine Generals, blockchain, smart contracts, and more.

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Capture the Ether

Capture the Ether is a simple game you can play to help you learn about the Ethereum smart contract system. It is a fun game that can improve your knowledge of Ethereum smart contract security.

The gameplay is also simple, as you need to hack the Ethereum smart contract system to uncover the security behind it.


  • It’s a simple online game you can play right away on your browser.
  • You will need to complete a series of challenges that will give you points every time you complete the challenge.
  • The challenges are the smart contracts on the Ethereum network you are trying to hack, so you can uncover its security system and thus learn about the building blocks behind the Ethereum smart contract system.


ChainShot is an Ethereum developer Bootcamp that allows you to learn various things about Ethereum Web3 coding and how to create your own Ethereum-related programs.

This Bootcamp allows you to learn about smart contract development, blockchain cryptography skills, decentralized app development, and more. 


  • You can enter the virtual classroom where you can learn about Ethereum development from the experts in live sessions.
  • You will get 100% knowledge about Ethereum and the Blockchain, so you will only focus on the knowledge that matters to you.
  • It uses a proven curriculum that is effective for you to learn Ethereum code development in the most efficient way possible.

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These are the Web3 developer learning tools you can use to learn about the Ethereum development API that uses the Web3 JavaScript libraries.

With these learning tools, you can learn more about Ethereum and how it works, and you can learn about the security aspects of the smart contracts on Ethereum. Also, you can use the knowledge you have learned to build various decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain.

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