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7 Great On Page Seo Techniques



7 Great On Page Seo Techniques

7 Great On Page Seo Techniques

7 Great On Page Seo Techniques

Nowadays, people just create their blogs or website. They ignore the trend of SEO and the role it plays in promoting your content. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO enables you to create web pages and follow certain techniques to boost your ranking. The greater your site will rank on search engines, the more traffic it will be able to drive.

There are mainly two categories of SEO- on page SEO and off page SEO.
On page SEO includes all those operations that are perform ON your website to increase its ranking like page titles, mega tags, internal linking, descriptions etc.

Off page SEO includes of all those operations which you can perform directly OFF your website such as social media marketing, blog marketing, article writing etc.

Here in this article, let us discuss some ON page SEO techniques. The Top Search Engine Optimization Companies provide these services:

1. Page titles:
A page title is considered to be the important component of SEO factors. Every post you write should include a catchy and meaningful title with the necessary keywords embedded in it. In this way readers will be able to search for your post easily and the chances of greater ranking of your website will also increase.

2. Meta descriptions:
Generally, marketer ignores the importance of Meta descriptions in the article. In a realistic sense it is very essential to add meta description in your article as it is the first thing a reader will read when search for your content. It gives a general idea about the theme of your article and also helps in boosting your traffic to the site.

3. URL structure:
While posting the content, keep in mind to provide a user friendly URL so as to engage a high amount of visitors to your site. It is however said that shorter the URL the more it is effective in terms of SEO. It is also required to add sufficient keywords in your URL for better crawling. The location of keywords is also an important factor in SEO techniques.

4. Body tags (H1, H2, H3, H4)
Body tags refer to the H1, H2, H3 heading tags that differentiate between the paragraphs so that reader can read it conveniently. Basically, H1 tags been used for the main title or heading. After that H2 for second and H3 for sub heading. These tags are vital as it make easy for Google to find what is important and what is not.

5. Keyword density
Keywords are an integral part of your article. It is always necessary to include several important keywords in your article to improve ranking. Well, excessive stuffing of keywords is deniable as it leads to invaluable content. So search for the relevant keywords and use it properly in the article. Proper location of keywords is also necessary in the post and keywords should be appearing once in the first 100 words.

6. Image SEO
Adding up images in your content will made it more understandable. Insert relevant images to your content as it is more appealing. Also include the alt attributes of the images as it tells about what the image is. Including text along with images helps readers to find your image in the Google images.

7. Internet linking
Bloggers usually thing that external link building is important. Yes it is but it is not the only thing that is sufficient. Internal link is a prominent part of ON page SEO technique. It will help readers to get to your website easily and also boost the ranking of your website. It will also get a better building of keywords and important phrases and ultimately boost your ranking. The content links are very much beneficial for the bloggers. These are the articles which are inserted in your article content which will redirect the users to other important pages also.

Final words
These 7 techniques discussed above are effective medium for on page SEO. If you will use these techniques then it will surely get improve ranking of your site and also engage more visitors to it. These techniques together will build credibility of your website and the content posted will also be beneficial for readers.

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