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Roadmap to Better ICOs



Roadmap to Better ICOs

Roadmap to Better ICOs

Roadmap to Better ICOs

Roadmaps are about how future investments yield out in the next five years or so. For an instance, Bitcoin was launched in 2009. But people don’t care about it for the investment until late 2013. Now everyone wants to invest in the Bitcoin due to its successful results.

Many people aren’t interested to know how blockchain works but they are interested in generating more and more ROI within a specific period of time. A good ICO is one which is based on actual plan including how the funds of investors are utilized to fulfill their set objectives. It is important to launch ICO successfully thus it is worth checking 7 Steps to launching a successful ICO.

What’s a roadmap all about?

This is the detailed aspect of Blockchain technology providing the clear idea of how it will progress keeping the record of every milestone success during the development process. Roadmap helps to provide the direction to investors knowing every aspect of their investment. This helps in building the trust and making ICO better.

It’s not just measuring the milestones but there is functional value to assess the condition of the startup even after the crowdsale. People often skip the information mentioned in the roadmap and read the information that may not be as important as the roadmap. This results in the bitter investment experience.

It’s crucial to define all the objectives of ICOs along with its roadmap. A startup should accomplish its first phase with the specific objectives on the priority. The roadmap should include all the specific indicators so that investors believe that they have everything promised in the roadmap.

Why You Need Roadmap?

Roadmaps are necessary to explain any new update in the cryptocurrency platform. For an instance, when a tokenized asset which was dependent on another blockchain for its operation decide to create its own blockchain. This would be a big change in the crypto market.  In such situation, the investors should know a change in the ICO stages. A company should clearly explain in the ICO to indicate its investors how they will deal with the giant stride.

The roadmap lets know people when to more involved in the project and when to stay clear. There should not be trickery in the information to earn the trust of investors. If the project is for the long term investment then it should be clearly mentioned in the ICO. It is vital for investors to keep alertness while investing in any project whether new or old as their hard earned money is involved.

  • Pre ICO

You should create whitepapers and distribute tokens along with token release plan.  Have a high performing team with credibility. Clarify legal questions and queries related to ICO. Develop a website and maintain it. Promote it on social media to get more investors. You can also perform the Blogging. Prefer to talk to big exchange for better funds.

  • During ICO

Keep sure that your website is running smoothly with high-class security and stability. Keep an eye to prevent the scammers. Answer the questions for the queries of community members.

  • Post ICO

Send the newsletter explaining every bit of ICO. Have a proper communication exchange and rise the diversified funds.

5 Most Important Factors for Roadmap of ICOs

There are five key factors that decide whether to invest in the ICO worthy or not. These points are important to analyze the roadmap for the ICO.

  • The Team & Investors

The team should be experienced and have the skillsets required for running the cryptocurrency technology. There should be full transparency between the company and the investors.

  • ICO Information & Whitepaper

Most ICOs have the whitepaper explaining every minute detail about investment information. Take an ample amount of time to develop the white paper. It basically contains the problem and proposed solution for it. Remember to add the guidelines for investing in the particular company.

  • Purpose behind Token

ICOs should properly explain the purpose behind the token and story behind it. Make sure that ICO solves the problem and proposing the solution that makes sense.

  • The Website

Websites help to achieve the first impression by developing the trust. It is the most important medium in the online world showing the professionalism of any business. ICOs with a good website have the more investors than without it. It looks organized and clean with proper navigation to look the important information about the company.

  • Social Media Presence

This is also an important aspect of ICO.  There should be good fan following of the company on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Post the frequent updates about cryptocurrency.


In order to attract the funding to your project and be successful in the market, adopt everything mentioned in this roadmap. The omission of, in fact, the one single point or information can lead to failure in the fundraising campaign and you will face the serious problems.



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