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Working in Khasab is a Good Way to Improve Your Life

Working in Khasab is a Good Way to Improve Your Life



Khasab is a small city itself, with a small population, but despite this, you can find ways of income here. Despite its size and population, this city is full of places where you can be offered a vacant position.

To consider jobs in Khasab – enter the site where all the works of the city are collected with a specific description, requirements, and prices. In order to get a position in a particular area, contact your employer or leave your CV, then the manager will connect with you.

Working in Khasab is a Good Way to Improve Your Life

Basically, wages for work are counted by the employer or by the contract that you sign, as well as it can be an agreed price if your work may be different depending on the situation.

This is how a healthcare professional gets from 400 to 600 OMR in two weeks, civil engineer 1400-1650 dollars once or sometimes twice a month, and a security guard can get more than a thousand dollars.

It is worth adding to everything that a nurse cannot get a job without education, like a civil engineer too, but for a security guard, it is quite possible, since the most important criterion is the presence of mental strength and efficiency. Knowledge of the laws of at least the most basic will not be an exception, and also the level of English is above average.

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Let’s consider a specific position of a civil engineer. The profession of a civil engineer carries out the planning of construction and repair work, conducts engineering control at all stages, and develops related documentation.

The task of the specialist is to ensure the compliance of the construction process with the project, the developed plan and the current regulations. What kind of personal qualities do you need to possess?

Mindfulness. Every mistake made leads not only to colossal financial expenses but also often creates a real threat to the life and health of people.

Logical thinking. Specialists in this industry are absolute “techies”. Although their work involves creativity in generating ideas, logical thinking is still in the foreground.

A responsibility. You are personally responsible for your work, even if it is not stipulated by regulations (even if you are not the chief project engineer).

Developed intelligence. The professional activity of a specialist is based on education. In the course of training, you have to master a huge amount of information and learn how to apply every standard, every rule in practice.

Perseverance. You should not expect excessive dynamics from work – it is not entirely boring, but rather monotonous and monotonous, requiring perseverance and concentration.

Advantages of such work:

  • High social status of the specialty.
  • Really important, needed work.
  • Guaranteed relevance – specialists are in demand.
  • The ability to implement unique projects.
  • High salaries for specialists of the 3rd, sometimes 2nd category.

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But there are also disadvantages:

  • Difficult, most demanding work.
  • Strong regulations.
  • Low salaries at the start of a career.
  • Constant pressure.
  • Often the disparity between the salary and the volume of work.

If you are ready for such work – welcome to the Khasab! It should be mentioned, that there are a lot of other jobs, and each of them is waiting for you. 

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