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AI and Analytics With IBM Cognos Platform

AI and Analytics With IBM Cognos Platform



Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics seem to be the perfect recipe for a Hollywood movie for those who are not really into it. For a modern business, it is a recipe for productivity and success. Data is one of the most critical assets of modern businesses. Those who can harness their data can make sustainable profits and growth.

IBM is one of the oldest companies in artificial intelligence and data analytics.

AI and Analytics With IBM Cognos Platform

In this article, we will take a look at AI and Analytics With the IBM Congo platform with reference to IBM Certified Developer – Cognos Analytics V11.1.x and IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x – C1000-065 exam

What Is Data?

In common language, data is the statistics and facts collected in an organized form for reference and analysis. In computer’s terms data is the information translated into a processable or movable form. Data needs to be put into a context to make it meaningful. 

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the branch of information technology science that analyzes the raw data to get conclusive findings. It is a process of examining data blocks to find trends and conclusions from the information.

In business data analytics is applied to draw business-related insights to improve business efficiency and profitability. Business data analytics is used to improve internal efficiency as well as customer relationship and marketing strategies. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence refers to the replication or simulation of human intelligence in a machine. It is meant to create machines that can perform the tasks normally associated with human beings. With AI machines can be made to learn through intuition. 

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence can be considered business-oriented data analytics. Through business intelligence, data can be transformed into actionable insights. Business Intelligence provides you current (Present), predictive (Future), and historical (Past) insights into the business trends and practices.

IBM Congos Analytics Platform

Congos is an AI-driven business intelligence platform. It supports the entire analytic cycle of data analytics. It transforms the data into actionable insights that can be visualized, analyzed, and shared. 

It can be deployed in all computing environment like multi-cloud public, private, on-premise, and on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Features of Congos Analytics


With IBM Congos you can create beautiful, interactive dashboards and impressive reports with a single too. These visualizations are easy to understand by non-IT professionals and executives. 


With Congos, you can interpret your data with the help of AI to reveal deeper hidden patterns and trends. 


In Congos, your data is connected to the cloud and the same data can be shared with anyone in the same 


Data obtained from multiple sources like CSV files, spreadsheets, from the cloud, and on-premises can be sorted and related information from multiple sources can be fetched and combined with machine intelligence into a single data entity.   


You can secure your data and define the individual access levels. 


You can get the solution for the size of your business. 

The Certification

IBM Certified Developer – Cognos Analytics V11.1.x

This certification is for the professionals who would be responsible to create visual dashboards and advanced reports and connecting those to data sources.

The professional is assumed to have project experience producing and debugging complicated and intermediate-level reports and dashboards and can contribute to project implementations as an effectively participating team member.

This is a single exam certification and can be obtained by successfully attempting C1000-065 – IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x exam. 

The Exam

C1000-065 – IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x

Number of questions: 60

Number of questions to pass: 44

Time allowed: 90 mins

Preparing For The Exam

There are two popular approaches to prepare for the certification exam. 

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Self-Paced Training

For those of you who want to take instructor-led training for the C1000-065 exam, comprehensive training is offered by IBM and the authorized training partners. If you cannot take time-restricted and expensive training, you can opt for self-paced training that is flexible, and comparatively cheaper. 

The updated study material for the IBM C1000-065 exam can be obtained from Crack4Sure. This exam content for the C1000-065 exam is developed in accordance with the latest exam outline set by IBM.

The Crack4Sure braindumps for the C1000-065 exam let you get acquainted with the real exam scenarios. Sure success in the C1000-065 exam in just a matter of time once you choose the right study material. With the right training combined with a focused approach the IBM Certified Developer – Cognos Analytics V11.1.x certification is just an exam away. 

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Modern businesses are driven by data. Data is one of the most precious belongings of an organization. With more and more business operations being done through computing devices, the volume of data generated by an organization grows in size. At the same time, the data is generated through multiple sources like computers, mobile devices, IoT, and smart devices.

These factors make data too big and too complex to be understandable or meaningful in its raw shape. It needs to be processed to make it usable to learn trends and establish facts based on these insights.

Business data analytics combined with artificial intelligence can develop intuitive business intelligence that can transform the raw data from multiple sources and create separate data blocks based on the relative data to be used for business insight.

Big data and analytics have gained a lot of significance for businesses for the value addition. Businesses can make strategic decisions based on the insight of trends and patterns.

The job market for people with relevant skills in data analytics has significantly grown over the last few years.  IBM is among the world leaders in AI and Business Intelligence. IBM certifications hold a respectable place in the IT industry. 

IBM Congos Analytics is an AI-driven powerful business intelligence platform that can be deployed in multiple environments including cloud and on-premise infrastructures.

IBM Certified Developer – Cognos Analytics V11.1.x is a single exam certification for developers working on the Congo platform. With C1000-065 – IBM Cognos Analytics Developer V11.1.x exam you can earn this valuable credential. 

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