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Storytelling is one of the best ways to incubate listening and understanding skills among kids in the early stages of their lives but getting them closer to the books sometimes becomes difficult task when there are so many obstacles like television, mobiles etc to distract them. Everyone especially the kids will learn and understand things in a much better way if the stories are illustrated to them with proper pictures and visuals; it enhances their learning skills and ability to remember things over the long period of time.

Amazon RAPIDS is on of this kind only where the kids will be given the access to ever increasing library of hundreds of illustrated short stories that will be told to them through simple dialogue and similar to text messages in a playful and unique style. Amazon RAPIDS is an initiative being designed by Amazon in late 2016, where the children age between 5 to 12 years will develop a fun loving and encouraging approach to reading a story. It is a paid subscription with nominal monthly charges of $2.99 or $29.99 yearly using Amazon Coupons, where the kids will get access to unlimited stories to learn from. However, the best value pack is going for the annual plan where you can make savings by some extra dollars.

The new customers can start their free 14 day trail of Amazon RAPIDS anytime to understand how this can help their kids in learning and understanding stories in a satisfied and unique way. Your paid subscription will automatically start after 14 days of free trail and you will be charged according to your selected plan. The customers can always view their payment details and invoices in “Your Digital Orders”.

How does it work?

Next question that must be arising in the minds of the tentative subscribers is how does the Amazon RAPIDS work? Amazon RAPIDS application is fully accessible on Amazon Fire OS (Fire, Fire Phone, Fire HD) 5.0 & higher, Android Jelly Bean (4.2) & higher and iOS 9.0 & higher devices. You can download the Amazon RAPIDS app anytime and start using it instantly for your kids.

Features of Amazon RAPIDS

  • First of all after subscribing to the Amazon RAPIDS you can start exploring from the vast gallery being added with numerous illustrated stories including Ninja stories, Monster Games, Mermaid Tales: Guppy Stories, Fast Friends, Can You Dig This?, Finnie & Zooz: Specter Detectors among others that will be explained to kids with appropriate visuals so that they can develop a flair understanding of it.
  • The kids can read along with Amazon Rapids stories and a cast of lifelike character voices; they can read on their own or have a computerized voice that will read for them. They also have the option to tap the assigned buttons on the app to let the story being read in loud voice, through the mobile device’ in built speech-to-text tool.
  • As parents you can track the kids’ latest activity and the stories they are reading and can use a story summary to spark up a conversation.
  • This will help in enhancing the vocabulary and pronunciation of the kids; they can look for the meanings of the words they are not familiar with. The Kids can manage the speed of each story by tapping and swiping on the mobile device, and can check the pronunciations of difficult words and can save in a glossary as well for future use.
  • The kids can learn from hundreds of original short stories without getting their time wasted in any kind of ad breaks in between the stories. They can choose their favorite genre based stories including original adventurous stories, fantasy, humor, mystery, science fiction, and sports that they prefer and will be delivered to them in the chat session unique style.
  • Also the subscribers can sign in for daily or weekly email service where they will be send the latest reading headlines that is compiled taking into consideration all the important and interesting daily news about reading and early education.

Once you become a part of Amazon RAPIDS your kids can start reading stories provided through the application for an unlimited number of times till the time you are an eligible customer of Amazon RAPIDS. The company will add new or remove old stories on timely basics so that the kids can expand their knowledge and make themselves familiar with new words and vocabulary as well.

The users will be given the option to create multiple accounts within the app so that every kid can have his/her personalized library. You can cancel your subscription anytime in the future if you wish to by visiting your account and making changes in your subscription settings. All the details are available on the Home page itself which will further guide you in going forward with it. The new subscribers can get their full amount refunded within 7 days after purchase for subscriptions that are longer than 1 month.

Through designing Amazon RAPIDS the company aimed at offering thrilling and entertaining reading experiences to the kids. Let’s make reading more fun with a twist of visuals which the kids can adore again and again. With Amazon RAPIDS app on your phone, kids can continue their passion of reading stories independently anytime and anywhere.

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