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How To Find Things On The Deep Web



How To Find Things On The Deep Web?

How To Find Things On The Deep Web

If you think that Google has the answers to all the problems and searches all for you, probably this isn’t true. Google only shows those pages which it index. Where do the remaining pages go? The remaining pages are hidden at the bottom part of the internet called the ‘Deep Web.’

Google shows only 4% of the total pages on the internet. The remaining 96% of the pages remain unindexed by the Google. There are many questions regarding the access to the stuff on the Deep Web. Finding a thing on the Deep web isn’t as easy as searching it the surface web.

What Can You Find on The Deep Web?

The Deep web has a lot of things which include the online research into private databases. The closed Facebook group or any inbox are part of the Deep web too. Similarly, the page that requires transaction passwords is not indexed by the Google and thus there are no caching or cookies for it too.

The other reasons why Google can’t index a page is because you have used the no-follow or broken link in your post or image tag which it can’t crawl and follow. However, you can still get access to these pages using certain ways.

How Can We Find Things On the Deep Web?

Google isn’t just the search engine that can be used for finding the queries. There are over 100s of search engines on the internet, each of which may have different queries and it depends on the page which they index.

Similarly, there are some search engines and the other ways too to find a particular query within the seconds. You might also find the pages which are not indexed by the Google here.

·   Search Engines

 Besides Google, use any other search engines that may or may not display you the relevant results. According to the Google user, these queries would be counted as in the Deep web. There are a number of search engines such as Duck Duck Go, Bing and many others. It can’t find the deepest information on the web but it might find the things that are not on the Google. Duck Duck Go specifically indexes all the WWW pages. Click here to know about all deep web search engines in detailed.                               

·   The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is another great platform to find the Deep Web information. You can easily browse over and find a plenty of information using the internet archive. You may also find the websites that have eventually vanished or the documents that aren’t easily available. Also, many audio and video clips which are difficult to find and the copies of many video games can be found easily on the internet archives.

·   Talk to Deep Web experts

Also, You must talk to the deep web experts or the netizens to get a deep knowledge of the Deep web. You can chat with the deep web experts in the onion chat. The onion chat box is specifically created for the Tor users.

·   Find Deep Web Links Directory

If you have some information about deep web directory bit you can’t find the relevant information about it on the Google. Then, you can look for the main page of the site on the Google which is indexed and then explore the other pages by using a different search engine. One famous deep web directory URL is Once you have, you will never look further to find .onion URLs.

·   Google Book or library

If you are willing to find the scholarly information that isn’t easily available on the internet, then you can explore it in the Google Books section. If it is still not available in the Google Books, you can look at the college or universities archives. Many college or universities have the paid databases and they are available with the deep knowledge of the journals.

·   People Search engine:

You can also look for the people using the deep web if they have been identifiable on the internet. Yes, You heard that right!! You can actually look out for the individual in the deep web. Some search engines can look up the information of an individual for you. These include Spokeo and Pipl.  Spokeo can actually give you the information about your entire email address book. Also, you can track the particular person and pay few bucks to these search engines to look up about what these people are doing online.

Final Words 

Exploring the things on the Deep Web may take you a bit exploring but the information is always easily available there. All the things that are found on the deep web are not necessarily worthy and some might even land you in trouble. Thus, if you are exploring the deep web, it is always advised to cover the web cam with a tape or a cloth. This might help you to hide your identity from the internet criminals.






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