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Best Bitcoin Brokers Of 2019



Best Bitcoin Brokers Of 2019

Best Bitcoin Brokers Of 2019

As some company offers a lot of facilities and trading tools but if it will not work in your country then it is useless. Select the company which is working in your company to avoid the change in currency exchange fees as well. Trading fees are the key point to see while selecting the best bitcoin platform because you have to trade there and these fees should be reasonable. The thing which should be considered is that a transparent cryptocurrency exchange. It will publish audit information with regular intervals as well as information about their cold storage. In any type of Online trading, we have to deposit some amount or also have to withdraw it.

So, while the selection of any bitcoin platform these things should be considered. What are the payment options? What is the withdrawal fees? What is the limit of depositing and withdraw funds?

Moreover, top Bitcoin brokers will also provide some trading guides for inexperienced retail investors. While opening any Bitcoin Broker account, each person will be worried Is that safe or not? Does it reliable? When cryptocurrency comes, many best bitcoin brokers to prevent any third party interference rely on cold storage. Some basic security measures should also be considered like verification process, 2-factor authentication, risk warning, and others type.

Then l, we will discuss the key points which should be considered while selecting The Best Bitcoin Broker In The Market.

  • Location
  • Trading fees
  • Transparency deposit
  • Withdrawal limits
  • security

Best Bitcoin Brokers of 2019

There are many Bitcoin brokers in the market. You can read review for getting awareness about the best bitcoin brokers. They all have different characteristics. Following are the best Bitcoin Brokers of 2019:

  • eToro

It is the most popular Bitcoin brokers on the market and it offers many helpful features for their investors. It is a financial services company. This company is regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Its payment options are Skrill, PayPal, and NETELLER, etc. It’s trading fees are 0.0005 unit crypto Bitcoin withdraw and 0.0006 units ETH withdraws. Their minimum deposit is 200$.

  • Evolve Markets

It is also the Best Bitcoin Broker platform that trades on commodities cryptocurrency and forex markets. It does not have any minimum deposit. It does not have any withdrawal and deposit fees but has a 0.075% trading fee on cryptocurrency

  • Simple FX

It is a user-friendly and wide range of facilities for its users hence become the popular trading platform. It has no minimum deposit or withdraws protection of negative balance fast and secure funds transfer.

  • Plus500

It is the best and most-well known bitcoin brokers. It has a minimum deposit of 300$. It is also regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It has PayPal, Credit Cards, Skrill and bank transfer payment option. In also includes risk warning in terms of risk management.


Safecap Investment Limited operated this trading market place. This company is authorized by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Its payment options include PayPal, wire transfer, Skrill and many more

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