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Best Internet Promotions 2022

Best Internet Promotions 2022



It is wonderful to be rewarded with a little something extra when you join up with a new provider because shopping for home internet in your area is not always easy. The greatest internet providers frequently feature unique bonus offers simply for signing up, on top of superb internet service with fast speeds at a low price. Optimum follows this practice very religiously.

With Optimum plans, you not only get speedy internet but also visa gift cards that brighten up your gloomy days. 

Gift cards, as well as free equipment, and bill credits are among the most typical offers I have encountered. My top recommendations for the finest internet promos for the month of ‘May’ may be seen below.

Best Internet Promotions 2022

These promotions are subject to change, and they do so frequently, so check back often to prevent missing unique bonus deals.

1. Windstream’s Kinetic

Three-month free gig upgrade and a $100 immediate credit, what to do to acquire it: Upgrade to gig service by ordering a Kinetic internet package. Kinetic is providing new users in select areas a three-month free upgrade to broadband service. 

Other sites, particularly those without Kinetic fiber, may not be eligible for the free service upgrade, but all new Kinetic customers will receive a $100 immediate credit when they join up.

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2. Astound

Three months of free service, a free modem, and gift cards from Astound (previously RCN). How to obtain it: Customers in the NYC metro area who sign up for the 500Mbps or 940Mbps plans will receive three months of service for free.

Astound’s internet deals vary by location and are a little random. Customers in New York City can get the biggest bonus: three months of free service just for signing up for one of the provider’s two fastest plans. 

3. Verizon Fios 

Because of its exceptional internet speeds and customer care, Verizon Fios, Verizon’s fiber internet and TV service has earned a spot as one of our best fiber internet providers.

Because Verizon Fios is only offered in nine states, its availability leaves something to be desired. If you live in a Verizon Fios service area, however, life is wonderful thanks to Verizon’s high internet connections and complementary devices.

4. Xfinity

If you are a current student, Xfinity provides unique college student discounts on your internet service. Depending on your bundle or internet plan, you can still obtain deals like Visa prepaid cards and free streaming service subscriptions if you are not a student.

Active college students may receive a $100 Visa prepaid card. Teachers will receive a $100 Visa prepaid card, as well as a complimentary subscription to Peacock Premium. Also new for 2022: when you sign up for Xfinity Mobile, you can get internet and streaming for $30 per month with Xfinity’s new 3-for-1 deal. 

5. Spectrum

Spectrum’s offers are not as flashy as those offered by other providers, such as gift cards or long-term free streaming subscriptions. However, if you want to switch from an ISP that demands a long service agreement, Spectrum’s no-contract agreements and large early termination fee offers are powerful incentives.

What to look for in internet bundles and offers

Here’s everything you need to know about internet deals so you can obtain the best savings and download speeds possible.

1. Gift cards with a balance on them

It can take anywhere from two to three months for your prepaid cash card to arrive, depending on your internet provider. The cards are frequently sent by a third-party company rather than directly from your internet provider.

Make a note of when your card is supposed to arrive on your calendar and be prepared to contact your internet provider if you do not see it in your email.

2. Price

To get your foot in the door, Internet providers provide incentives such as free months and cash cards, but the top providers give you a reason to stay. Make sure your internet fee is locked in for at least a year and will not skyrocket after that.

3. Speeds of download

When choosing an internet plan, you do not want to overpay or underpay for a bundle with download speeds that are not adequate for your household’s needs. Sub-100 Mbps internet services are usually only recommended if your home only has light internet needs, such as checking emails. 

Is it worth it to sign up for a brand new internet service just to take advantage of the promotional offer?

Promotional discounts are fine, but they should not be the only factor to consider when selecting an internet service or plan. The plan that provides the speed you require at the lowest cost is generally the most bang for your buck. 

Anything more on top of that, like gift cards or free streaming services, is welcome, but if it tempts you to pay a premium for more speed than you require, the signup bonus may not be worth it.

What additional internet specials are there?

Apart from the aforementioned promotions, there is not much to write home about. Sure, some providers offer discounted beginning pricing or free installation, but these are so prevalent across ISPs these days that they hardly qualify as “promos.”

That is not to imply that other exceptional offers don’t exist; they just aren’t as widely marketed or available to all residential consumers. 

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Are there any special offers for existing internet customers?

New or returning customers who have been absent for more than a year are frequently eligible for Internet promotions. That is not to imply that a lesser price or a deal on speed upgrades is not available.

Call your existing Internet service provider and inquire about what it can do to keep you as a customer. That may not result in anything, but it may result in a lesser charge, free equipment, or something else not offered online. 

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