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Technologies Shaping the Gambling Industry

Technologies Shaping the Gambling Industry



iGaming operations and online sports betting have steadily grown over the years since online gambling came on the scene in the ’90s. This has led to the integration of technological advancements that have almost magically transformed online casino gaming. It has also attracted teeming hordes of players as artificial intelligence, mobile technology, and even Blockchain continues to grow.

Technology is undoubted – and inarguably – a powerful driving force across every industry. This has enabled players to play their favorite casino games at top-notch casinos listed on from within the walls of their homes. The customization, flexibility, and improved performance that technology has brought to the online gaming scene cannot be overstated.

Technologies Shaping the Gambling Industry

The casino industry has been in existence since the 1600s, i.e., the 17th century, with favorite games like vingt-et-un or blackjack and roulette taking center stage. Thanks to exhilarating tech advancements, numerous trends of mobile gaming, customer-geared or customized adaptations are now the order of the day in the gambling industry

Digital trends shaping the future of the gambling industry

Here are a few digital trends currently shaping the future of the gambling industry:

Mobile technology and online gaming

Online gaming platforms have emerged and currently appeal much more to tech-savvy Gen Xers and millennials. They serve as a means of expanding their target markets. Competitive tournaments, social media integration, and real-time leaderboards are becoming part of online gaming platforms.

The prevalence of laptops, smartphones, or mobile gadgets makes accessibility the #1 priority for online casino gamers. Gamers worldwide can also experience the original casino atmosphere without leaving the haven they call home. This is why over 70 percent of players enjoy their favorite casino games via mobile gadgets.

Gaming experiences such as Live Blackjack and Live Three Card Poker fire up table games to life. Fans of classic games are not left out even as new variants with several exciting twists are made available. It is expected that soon enough, tech-savvy casino players will don smartwatches for watch-friendly casino gaming.

A wide range of virtual games even has live dealer options, ensuring players don’t have to venture or visit brick-and-mortar casinos if they don’t want to.

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Chatbots/customer support

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular as they are used extensively across several industries. Online support is key to assisting and retaining customers, and chatbots are now part of the system that makes this aspect of business easy.

Some online casinos use chatbots as part of their customer support army. A few even employ highly interactive chatbots with customizable features. Some chatbots can be programmed to deliver special offers to members, update customers on their respective membership statuses, etc.

It is expected that many land-based and online casinos will employ more cutting-edge or sophisticated technology that will cater to the dynamic needs of their numerous customers. Predictive technology will enhance hospitality and personalization, resulting in significantly improved gameplay.

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Robotics funding has significantly grown and has aided the healthcare industry immensely since 2020. The casino industry is also having a taste of robots. One robot allegedly defeated professional and highly experienced casino gamers via sophisticated programming through artificial intelligence.

For instance, Deepstack is a poker robot that learned all the game’s fundamentals and intelligently refined its playing strategy. Since it is a bot with zero emotions, Deepstack never made any irrational decision that typical poker players generally make. This was how it was able to defeat the experienced players.

Reports have emerged that many land-based casinos in Las Vegas have turned to robots to boost customer experience significantly. Casino hotels are not left out of the trend as you will always come across check-in kiosks, iPad menus, as well as small mobile robots that deliver toothbrushes and towels to your hotel room.

Blockchain: the distributed-ledger technology

Some online gaming platforms don’t joke with cutting-edge technology that will expand their user or customer base. This is why many online casinos employ innovative technology that guarantees patrons anonymity and enhanced security.

Gambling firms look to the future and always give their numerous customers multiple options to improve their gaming experiences. To this end, some casinos utilize Blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain technology ensures transparency between the customer and operator. This cutting-edge technology tracks every transaction on virtual ledgers so bettors can see the progress of each casino game they engage in at any particular location worldwide.

Another huge benefit that Blockchain technology brings to the table is its unhackable system. This hard-to-hack system easily detects and swiftly prevents every form of fraud as well as manipulations in any online casino that employs the technology. It also boosts personal data storage and never grants unwanted access.

The rapid and almost sudden rise of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the crypto world is not something anyone can miss. These tokens also employ Blockchain technology for identifying the ownership of a particular digital asset.

It is expected that NFTs will complement online gambling, and many online casinos will start using NFTs as collectibles, verification, prizes, and voting rights. This technology may still be in a very early stage of adoption, but it will be welcomed with open arms at a rapid rate.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality in the gambling industry is another technological advancement that rocked the entire world just a couple of years ago. VR, as it is popularly referred to, offers an immersive – and more realistic – 3D experience to gamers as they play their favorite casino games.

Virtual reality and augmented reality are poised to take over the online gaming universe. These two unique technologies are significant and incredibly powerful.

Players will require a wide variety of special gadgets or equipment to make the most of virtual reality gaming. Although these technologies are still brand-new within the gambling industry and – of course – too pricey for the average online gamer, there is no slowing down when it comes to their adoption.

It is believed that special gadgets will become more affordable when the technology fully takes hold within the online gaming universe.

Improved security/cybersecurity

As technology advances, security measures also improve accordingly. Players from all walks of life or living in heavily regulated regions may no longer have to undergo strenuous verification processes.

Asides from streamlining verification processes, technological advancement will ensure super-tight security at online casinos. Online gaming platforms currently use secure socket layer encryptions, which are becoming more advanced and offer bettors better user protection.

As technology advances every day, cyberattacks become more common. It is a significant and dreaded problem for most online casinos since 98 percent of their customers need to enter banking and personal information online.

But cybersecurity is also becoming advanced every day. This will prevent the dreaded malware attacks that many other industries also battle daily.

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The influence of technology on the online gaming scene cannot be overstated. The gambling industry has experienced dramatic changes over the past decade. Although traditional or land-based casinos are still popular, more and more people are drifting online to play their favorite casino games.

This is because modern technological advancements continue to be a driving force in every industry, including the gambling industry. The gambling sphere is now more sensitive to consumer needs/wants and functions much better than expected.

Modern technology may have birthed stiff competition, but changes within the gaming market will occur as technology continues to grow. Only time will reveal what the online gaming market will eventually experience.

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