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Virtual Casino Games Vs Live Dealer Casino



It’s common knowledge now that you can access to an online casino every time you switch on your PC. However, there is now also a line of demarcation between two different genres of casino games, virtual games and live dealer games. The latter is one of the most important tech developments to have come along in the industry, considered something of a game-changer and a chance to digitally disrupt the traditional (land-based) casino industry. The use of streaming and console technology brings a real dealer to your computer screen, with no discernible difference to what you would find in a real casino.

However, virtual games like roulette, blackjack and, of course, slots are still incredibly popular at online casinos like, usually outstripping their live counterparts. That’s despite the fact that live dealer games are based on pure chance (i.e. where the ball lands on a roulette wheel), whereas virtual games have the casino’s house edge built into the software. In a way, the casinos can’t lose with virtual games, whereas (theoretically) they can lose with live dealer games. Players aren’t stupid. They know this, so why do virtual games remain so popular?

Virtual Games Can Pay More

First of all, it’s important to dismiss some myths. While virtual casino games have a built-in house-edge (termed RTP), it does not mean that the house-edge is greater than with real casino games. Consider Playtech’s Premium Blackjack, which has an RTP of 99.58%, making the house-edge 0.42%. Real blackjack will have different rules, but the house-edge in a real casino could be more than that virtual figure, with some single deck games estimated at 0.58%. Moreover, the odds increase in favour of the casino when more decks are used, and many Vegas casinos will use 6-8 decks.

Secondly, there is still strategy needed for virtual games, one of the reasons players like to access free blackjack games to practice. How can you employ a strategy when playing against a computerized system? Well, it’s got to do with that RTP again, which can shift significantly when a poor strategy is implemented. Put simply, playing virtual games ‘well’ can yield improved payouts in the same manner as a real game. Consider that if you kept twisting on 20s, the software is not going to suddenly reward you for being stupid.

BlackJack Games

Built in profits can offer flexibility for payouts

You should also consider that virtual games, especially slots, have the capacity to award bigger prizes than real games. Again, it has to do with the fact that a profit is guaranteed with virtual games, meaning it can be factored into the software to award a large prize. Indeed, many virtual games are now connected through a shared jackpot, with a small percentage of each bet being used to fund the prizes. Eight-figure payouts are not altogether uncommon.

Of course, some of this is a matter of taste. There is a social element to playing live dealer games online, whereas playing virtual games is usually quite solitary. If you want to play with a real dealer, you can go to a real casino. Some players simply don’t want their session to be social as it interferes with the escapism. That’s why they always go for virtual ones like gclub etc.

None of this is meant to suggest that either type of game is better than the other. They are different and are popular for different reasons. But, despite the fanfare surrounding live dealer casinos, it’s a good bet that they will complement rather than replace their virtual counterparts.

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