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Choosing the Right Necklace Length for You

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for You



Buying necklaces should be an exciting activity. When looking for the right accessory, you also need to factor in length. Consider the length of the chain based on your outfit and style. Necklaces are often available in standard measures. Only a few come with flexible options.

For women, chain lengths are as many as five. For men, there are four. This article will help you learn how to select the right necklace length.

14 inch necklace

The first thing you need to consider is where different necklaces fall on your body. The standard lengths for women, as noted above, are five. The first is the 14-inch necklace or the choker.

It fits snugly around one’s neck. The second size is the 16-inch necklace, which fits perfectly on the collar bone. The third one is the 18-inch necklace. This is a common choice for women and also falls around the collar bone.

The fourth one is the 20-inch necklace. This falls just below the collar bone. Then there is the 22-inch necklace, which sits above the bust.

18 inch necklace

For men, the first size is the 18-inch necklace that sits perfectly on the base of your neck. The second size, a 20-inch chain, reaches the collar bone. This is the most common length.

The third size is the 22-inch necklace, which falls below the collar bone. Then there is the 24-inch necklace, which falls entirely on the sternum.

After considering the different sizes in which necklaces are available, you need to factor in your body shape. Choosing the right chain complements your outfit as well as your body. Thus, you need to consider your body’s essential features, such as your height, neck size, face shape, and body type.

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for You


16 or 20 inch necklace

For women, if you are below 5’4″, select the 16 or 20-inch necklace. A long chain can overwhelm a small frame. If you are between 5’4 and 5’7, choose an ornament from any size you wish. Also, those who are above this height can wear any necklace length. Longer chains complement tall frames.

For men, if you are around 5’4″, choose the 18-inch necklace. However, if you have a bulky physique, select a necklace that will sit freely around your neck. Men between 5’4″ and 5’7″ should opt for 20-inch pendants. Men above this height can go for the longer chains. This will help to compliment your frame.

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Neck Size

Collar necklace

The easiest way to determine the right necklace length to fit your neck is by adding two to four inches to your neck size. Take time to measure your neck before going on to purchase a necklace. You can use a soft tape to determine your neck size.

For females, adding two inches is usually the best way to fit a choker or collar necklace. For men, this helps one select the best 18-inch chain. Adding four inches is the best way for men and women to choose pendants.

Face Shape

For women, chokers and collar necklaces are not suitable if you have a round face. However, those with an oval-shaped face can choose any necklace-type or length.

If you have a long face, wear a shorter necklace such as a princess necklace. Those with heart-shaped faces will look great when donning chokers or collar necklaces.

For men, those with oval-shaped faces can also select any necklace length. However, those with rectangular faces should choose 10-14-inch necklaces. If you have a round shape, go for a 24-26-inch chain. A heart-shaped face is best suited to a 10-16-inch neck chain.

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Body Type

long thin necklaces

For women, those with smaller busts should opt for long thin necklaces or layered chains. Those will full figures should avoid ornaments sitting below the bust. Instead, they should try 18-22-inch accessories.

For men, body type is only a factor if you are bulky. If you are full-figured or masculine, choose a chain length that hangs freely around your neck. For the best necklace length for you, visit

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