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Two Different CBD Flowers And Their Uses On Our Daily Lives

Two Different CBD Flowers And Their Uses On Our Daily Lives



The number of cannabis users grows as time goes. Many studies of the cannabis plant compounds had been proven to have positive effects; thus, users’ rate increased. What made these products so famous? What could be their uses in our daily lives?

There are many strains of Cannabis out there. In particular, two are so significant that they increase their sales, increasing their popularity and users. They are the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Although they both came from the same family, they are hybrids that have different effects from each other.

Cannabis Sativa and Indica are flowers that had been experimented on by scientists for years. The two flowers grow from different parts of the world, each designed to grow in its climate (read more). Nonetheless, CBD flowers have always marketed that these flowers have both positive effects on our bodies.

Advancements were made when scientists invented hybrids of Cannabis. Now it is manufactured in all kinds of shapes and sizes, like CBD-infused gummy bears and edibles.

Two Different CBD Flowers And Their Uses On Our Daily Lives

Even animals can enjoy the effects of CBD in the form of treats and oils.

What Is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound from the cannabis family primarily extracted from the stems, leaves, stalks, and Hemp plant flowers. It is a non-intoxicating compound that has a lot of therapeutic effects on humans and animals.

Unlike its cousin, the THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not make the user “High.” Instead, it gives the milder effects of cannabis plants.

THC is a sister compound of Cannabidiol, extracted from the same plant. It is the main compound that makes a person feel “High.” Many people refuse the use of Cannabis as a result of this adverse effect.

But nowadays, researchers and manufacturers were able to reduce amounts of THC and increase the amount of CBD, allowing the therapeutic results to be more prominent and the negatives ones to be little.

The market for hemp-derived products has been massively expanding over the years. Companies such as Cheef Botanicals and other manufacturers produce these kinds of products for users and potential users to try out. Since then, users’ rate increases the more people learn about it and try it for themselves.

Now that you know about CBD let us discuss the two flower strains that shook the market with their positive outlook, uses, and benefits.

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About Cannabis Sativa-Dominant CBD Flower And Its Uses

Sativa-dominant strains are hybrid of both Sativa and Indica strains infused with each other. However, Sativa has the upper levels hence the name. Sativa flowers focus more on making the person feel energetic and revitalized.

It has a low CBD level than Indica and gives opposite results compared to its sister strain.

Below are some of the uses of Sativa-dominant flower:

Wake-Up Call

After waking up from a heavy sleep, the CBD flower can be used as a wake-up call, boosting your brain activity in the morning and making you feel more energetic.

It works similar to coffee, but instead of drinking, you have to inhale the smoke from the flower using a bong or other tools or consume other forms like CBD Flower-infused gummy bears.

Meditation And Exercise

Not only does it help revitalize the mind, but it also relaxes it. Using or consuming one also improves muscle activities of the body by relieving stress such as pain when doing some exercise.

It increases the brain’s oxygen, making it more relaxed when doing meditation and allowing the users to have some creative thoughts.


Work is the main reason we are stressed every day, using up most of our energy from constant problems that arise during our duty. The Cannabidiol Sativa could help the person do more work with less stress when consumed, improving work productivity.

Aside from that, it also enhances the person’s creativity, allowing them to think of more ways to deal with the problems at hand.

About Cannabis Indica-Dominant CBD Flower And Its Uses

This type of flower strain has the opposite effects but equally positive when compared to its sister strain. Indica-dominant CBD flower has high levels of Cannabidiols, making the user feel more relaxed than energetic.

This is perfect for people who want to wind down after a long day.

Below is a list of some uses of this strain.


Sleep is probably the best time to use the Indica-dominant strain. It focuses purely on relaxing the mind and body, and using it before bedtime allows better sleep and aids in building a healthier sleeping pattern!

The strain could also help in dealing with insomnia or difficulty in sleeping (link:

Be careful not to overdose, though, and the effects could be lethal when taken in excessive amounts.

Relax At Your Own Home

Did you have a long and stressful day at work and wanted to wind down a bit after coming home? Well, this is one of the things you should try out!

This strain’s primary function is to relax and could aid in calming even at times of stress! This could also help in changing your mood from grumpy to calmer.

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The Right Doses For The Users

The doses of CBD vary from person to person. It solely depends on the person’s body chemistry, weight and height, and compound concentration.

Although you would have difficulty measuring the dose when smoking the CBD flower, there are chunks of it that are readily available and measurable. Other forms of CBD flower, such as gummy bears and vape juices, can be measured easily.

A fair warning to users to not use an excessive amount. Adverse effects can be lethal but can be easily prevented by moderate use.

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