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Instagram Saver and Other Tools for SMM in 2022

Instagram Saver and Other Tools for SMM in 2022



Insta stories are used to show real life, the “inner kitchen” of the company, show the range of goods, and make announcements. You can create photos and 15-second videos with overlay text, and emoticons (emojis), indicate geolocation, create polls, announce events, and use filters.

The disadvantage of Stories is the limited feedback: there are no likes, comments, and discussions, like posts in the feed. But it’s a great tool to increase brand presence and engage users on your Instagram.

Instagram Saver and Other Tools for SMM in 2022

Let’s figure out how to work with Stories if you have a business.

All about Stories for business

Everybody knows how to post various types of content on social media. To diversify you should not only show previously shot pictures or professional videos but also go live and try as many formats as possible. Add Boomerangs (short looping videos). This mode is suitable for shooting action-packed videos. Or use writeback.

With this mode, you can shoot video in reverse. For example, to show how spilled water returns to the mug without leaving marks on the table. Go live for announcements of events or stories about your activities. With the help of online broadcasting, you can broadcast live from anywhere where the Internet is available.

Mentioning other profiles and adding user-generated content is easy with Instagram saver. It’s worth saving a link to Toolzu instasave story in your browser bookmarks. Tagging increases click rate and engagement. This is a great way to promote partners, and colleagues or use it for your own business purposes.

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For example, specify a hashtag for an album with recipes or on any topic collected in one album. To make a mention, create a story, select the “Aa” icon in the top right corner, then choose the @ symbol and enter the name of the user you want to tag. Instagram algorithms will mechanically substitute and select profiles that match the text you enter.

Adding an active link is the only way to send followers to the site, in addition to specifying a referral link in the account description. That’s why Stories are great for advertising. Now, business profile owners with more can use the feature regardless of the number of subscribers.

And it is available only in new app updates. To add a link to Stories, take a photo or video. Then click on the link icon in the top right corner. Enter the link you would like to share. In the new window that opens, enter the full address and save the changes.

Do not ignore the polls. It is probably the best way to find out what subscribers want is to directly ask them about it. Polling is the fastest and most efficient way to do this. To add a poll to your story, go to the stickers section.

Get customer feedback on goods, product parameters (size, color, shape), preferred live streaming times, a convenient way to contact you, blog topics, competitions, what product/service they would like to see from you, etc. Ask a question and enter answer options. You can only add two options.

To see the result, you need to click on the sticker: in the drop-down window, the user will see the total number of voters, their names, and how many votes the options received. Poll results are updated in real-time, and the voting itself is available throughout the day.

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Instagram Stories are a powerful tool that, when used correctly, can increase user reach and engagement and build brand awareness. Be inspired by the examples of businesses you follow, implement bold ideas, and stay tuned for updates to stay on-trend. People like to take part in people’s/brand’s lives, to see every process, what is created and how, behind the scenes.

Three to five stories a day are enough for businesses so as not to overload the audience. Stories and posts are different. And you need to work with them separately and draw up separate content plans for each tape. Template stories, perfectly polished pictures, and monotonous content have become boring for a long time.

People are waiting and do not want to be deceived. And here’s what works: storytelling (it’s always interesting to hear the beginning and end of a story) and selling as a recommendation and the truth, whatever it may be.

Be more than just a business selling a product. Present your values, mission, and tasks. This is also a great news outlet for publishing stories, so post them. Ideally, you should have an SMM strategy and content plan.

Stories can be more than just entertainment. If you prepare a content plan based on the target audience, ideas, and goals, you will be pleasantly surprised by how effective this channel for promoting a business is.

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