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Online Casino Software Platforms as the Heart of the iGaming Industry

Online Casino Software Platforms as the Heart of the iGaming Industry



Technology has changed the face of the gambling industry, much earlier than the worldwide computer network known as the internet was introduced.

In the 1970s, the first slot machines using software solutions and RNG algorithms instead of physical, mechanically driven reels appeared. However, the gambling revolution took place in the mid-1990s, when gambling games became online applications available on casino websites.

Since then, gamblers can play casino online games right from the comfort of their homes, and there was no need to look for the nearest land-based gambling establishment.

Online Casino Software Platforms as the Heart of the iGaming Industry

Many of these innovations and improvements are attributed to online casino software and we’ll discuss its merits further in this post.

What the Online Casino Software Platform Is in General

To begin with, without specialized software platforms, online casinos would be just websites with shouting promotional banners. A casino platform is a complete software solution with full functionality including games, bonus offers, competitive events (casino tournaments), and player support – everything is set up and ready to use.

However, the casino operator can customize the platform by adding various elements like KYC for customer identity verification, custom marketing plan, layout and others.

Here are a few features of online casino software platforms to be aware of:

  • A full-fledged solution ready to work right after installation;
  • Certified gaming products and operating licenses covering specific countries;
  • Ready-to-run marketing campaigns (customizable for a specific project).

Quality casino platforms also include 24/7 support and anti-fraud tools (SSL data encryption protocol, player identity verification, etc.). 

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RNG-Based Games and Features of Casino Software Solutions

At the heart of almost every casino software platform is RNG, a special algorithm that ensures randomness in the game outcomes in slots and some table games.

Every platform operates according to a few important principles, which will be discussed below.

Winning Odds

Any gambling game has an initial house advantage. It works like the betting platform’s margin. No matter how many attempts you make, the casino will still be in the black.

However, this does not mean that you are doomed to lose. A few well-played gambling rounds can result in big payouts, and if you get away in time, you can keep your winnings to yourself.

The software platform developers offer solutions that perfectly balance winning chances and a casino advantage to keep players excited and engaged.

The result of rolling the dice, spinning the reels, or shuffling the pack of cards in RNG-based games is regulated by a special algorithm. Ultimately, this accounts for the randomness of gambling that so many people find so appealing.

However, since the mid-2000s, the rules of the game have changed, thanks to the arrival of Evolution Gaming and its successors.

The provider offered Live Casino, a new concept in online gambling where the games are played in a specially equipped studio and broadcasted in real-time to the player’s device.

Since RNG is something of a black box for both casino operators and players, many are skeptical of RNG-based gaming. So, Live Casino can be a great alternative, and having such games on an online casino platform is a major advantage.

User Experience (UX)

It’s no easy task to please every player, and advanced casino platform developers create flexible and customizable solutions with attractive and intuitive interface elements.

Their platforms are optimized for different devices and operating systems so that everyone can play any casino game at once without having to make any preliminary adjustments.

While some operators develop their own platform in an effort to provide the most personalized experience, others use third-party solutions, which are more flexible and functional.

Payment Processing

One of the most important attributes of a casino platform – along with RNG and user experience – is payment processing. What sets casino games apart from other entertainment is that you can bet and win real money.

To make the user feel comfortable and confident about the security of their funds, casino platforms provide support for a multitude of payment options including bank cards, e-wallets, vouchers, prepaid cards, and even cryptocurrencies.

Payment processing solutions should be simple and easy to use for everyone, accept and process both deposits and payments, provide anti-fraud protection and integrate with various platforms.

Types of Casino Platforms

The range of software platforms and gaming products for the iGaming industry is vast. And today you can choose exactly how and where you gamble. There are three main types of online casino software – check them out below:

  • Downloadable software. In the early days of the industry, when casino websites looked like simple web pages with text and images, operators were limited in the way they provided access to games. They put a link to a software platform that you had to download to your PC to play blackjack or slots. Today, thanks to increased internet speeds and advanced dynamic content technologies like HTML5 and JS, downloadable platforms have become a rarity.
  • Instant play software. This is the most popular option where you do not need to download anything to your PC or laptop as the game is played directly on the website.
  • Mobile platforms. Modern phones have become almost as powerful as laptops. And they surpass desktop devices in terms of usability because they are more portable. Many online casinos have become hooked on the mobile trend and allow their customers to play through mobile browsers and dedicated casino apps. And this would not be possible without mobile casino platforms adapted to all modern tablets and smartphones.

So, time stands still, and many things in the online gambling industry change in the blink of an eye. That’s why online casino platform developers regularly make changes and improvements as well as add new features to always be at the forefront of technology. 

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Why is Casino Platform Quality Crucial?

In today’s world, healthy competition drives industries forward, and online gambling is no exception. In a bid to secure their competitive edge, big companies are striving to offer the best to their customers.

Today’s users are spoilt by what is being offered and are now more particular about the quality of the products and services that online casinos provide.

Low-quality user interfaces and long payment processing times are two of the main reasons why players leave gambling websites. Therefore, every operator is trying to get a high-quality software platform that provides an ultimate user experience.

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