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Blockchain Technology Impact



How Blockchain Technology Has Changed Internet Performance Monitoring

Blockchain Technology Impact

Performance monitoring to ensure websites is always up and running is critical to enhancing the performance of many online businesses. Such businesses seek performance monitoring services for the same reason: better performance. Although data centers were the major service providers traditionally, things have changed.

With Block chain technology, it is now possible for clients to easily log in to their accounts through a mobile app or browser plug-in and connect to a Path network designed to meet internet performance monitoring needs. The block chain technology decentralizes the process, making it available to anyone anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

A client in the Path network requiring performance will log in to their account and connect to nodes which will help them carry out the path performance monitoring. The nodes also called miners have also ended users of the path network. The path network takes advantage of the node’s bandwidth to offer monitoring services to the client.

The miners are then rewarded using a crypto currency called the Path tokens. The currency is awarded depending on the complexity of the task, the location of the node and how frequently they are available to mine. For the client, the charges are also flexible depending majorly on the complexity of the task, how many nodes are being used and other factors.

The miners will earn when the task has been completed, and the required data has been submitted to the client. There is transparency in the system with the nodes and the clients completely aware of the process and what is going on. This process creates a very easy way for miners to take advantage of unused bandwidth to earn Path tokens.

What Are The Path Monitoring Services Provided?

Here are the various monitoring services provided in the path network;

  • Uptime Monitoring– this helps the online businesses to monitor how well their websites are performing. When the website fails for any reason, a notification is given to the client instantly.
  • Ddos Attack Monitoring– a DDoS attack occurs when an online business is rendered inactive by attacking it with massive traffic. The attack makes it impossible for clients to an online business to access certain services. With path monitoring, businesses can immediately recognize when a DDoS attack is imminent, keeping their systems safe.
  • Page Speed Monitoring– even with the highest bandwidth, nobody wants to wait for minutes for a page to load. If a page takes too long to load, clients can move on to the next user-friendly website where they can access similar services. Using nodes from all over the world, path monitoring makes it easy to get a log of the load speeds for pages in any website.

Other important performance monitoring services offered on the path network are; path visualization, synthetic interaction testing and routing error monitoring. As the path network continues to grow the list of the monitoring services will also continue to rise as more clients seek diverse services.

This Block chain path network technology has really revolutionized the way internet performance monitoring is being done by making the services flexible and affordable for all.

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