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How to Manage All Your Crypto Portfolio Using Shrimpy?

How to Manage All Your Crypto Portfolio Using Shrimpy?



There are various platforms you can use to connect all the exchange accounts you have and manage all your crypto portfolio in one place. Shrimpy is one of them, and it offers plenty of added benefits that many other similar platforms don’t have.

With Shrimpy, you can manage all your accounts in one place, and you can also use it as a social trading platform that can boost your profit potential even more.

How to Manage All Your Crypto Portfolio Using Shrimpy

Shrimpy makes it easy for you to trade cryptocurrencies, analyze the market, and then track your trading performance in one place. It supports the most popular exchange platforms, so you don’t need to log into your exchange accounts one by one. 

What is Social Trading?

One of the strongest features of Shrimpy is the social trading feature. So, what is social trading? Social trading is the system that allows you to copy the strategies of top traders in the cryptocurrency market, so you can copy their success and expand your profit potential.

There are certain things that top traders do, which make them capable of earning big profits from the crypto trading market. With Shrimpy, you can just follow their strategies and get the same profit potential as them.

Not only following the top traders, but Shrimpy also allows you to become a leader that other people can follow on this platform. So, it goes both ways. You can choose to be the follower or the leader on this platform to benefit other traders, such as the beginners, and lead them to reach the same success as you.

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Things that Shrimpy Can Do

Shrimpy can do plenty of things, and each feature will benefit the traders and help them improve their profit potential.

Here are the features you can expect from Shrimpy:

  • You can connect to the most popular wallets and exchanges and monitor all your accounts in one place.
  • It offers comprehensive market data that allows you to perform the advanced backtesting process for your investment strategies.
  • You can automate your trading process with the tools provided by Shrimpy and by using the best crypto trading strategies available.
  • You can track your trading performance and build your trading portfolio with the Shrimpy platform.
  • It also comes with detailed crypto portfolio management, so you can manage all your asset types with it.
  • The social trading feature allows you to check the leaderboards and copy the strategies from top traders to your advantage.

Managing Your Crypto Portfolio with Shrimpy – Step-by-Step

To manage your crypto portfolio with Shrimpy, you don’t need to do any complicated steps.

Here’s the step-by-step guide you can follow:

  • First, go to and complete the registration process all the way until you can sign in to the platform using your username and password.
  • Connect each exchange account and wallet you are using today with this platform.
  • You will see all your digital assets in one dashboard after connecting all your exchange and wallet accounts.
  • Now, you can select any automated trading strategy you would like to apply, which you can do by creating the strategy by yourself or using the strategy from the top traders.
  • Apply the strategy and then track your trading performance.
  • You can also tweak various settings in the crypto portfolio management, such as by creating dynamic indexes, setting portfolio stop-losses, and tracking the DeFi market. 

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You’ve learned the method to manage your crypto portfolio using Shrimpy. Use this platform to your advantage and profit more from your trades. Good luck!

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