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How Will You Administer Your CBD Oil Tinctures?

How Will You Administer Your CBD Oil Tinctures?



Many people believe that the (cannabidiol) CBD oil tinctures are a new product along with the coming out of CBD. The concept is actually a classic that is resurging for the modern user from a comparable back in the 1900s.

Before the cannabis ban in the 1930s, when prohibition was taking control, cannabis tinctures were prevalent starting in the 1900s as the method for cannabis consumption. These were a pharmacy staple throughout the country.

Now we have cannabidiol oil tinctures, a liquid variety of the cannabinoid contained in a glass bottle with a marked dropper for a consistent dosage. 

The liquid comprises hemp plant extract, typically dissolved in either alcohol and water or nutrient-rich carrier oils. The concentrations tend to vary, but these are much more potent than other forms of the compound. That means a smaller dose than you would administer with another delivery method.

How Will You Administer Your CBD Oil Tinctures

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Administering The Cannabidiol Oil Tincture

Given that tinctures have a longer-standing history than what most of us knew, that speaks to the product’s efficacy. When something stands the test of time, it’s because it generates a beneficial result for those using the delivery. 

Not many things from back in the day come into the modern age with any type of success except those to which we attach the label “classic.

The tincture has that designation since people today find the same things true as was traditionally so, including convenience, simplicity, inconspicuousness, and fast response. But how do you administer it to receive the optimum results? Let’s check.

Swallow The Dose

Probably the most straightforward way for someone to indulge the tincture is to measure a dose, drop it into your mouth and immediately swallow the liquid.

With this method, the ingestion will work similarly to most other edible products, so the response time will have a delay. Reaction when consuming orally usually takes approximately 90 minutes or more.

While the tincture is an exceptionally concentrated substance, when it goes through the digestive system, the cannabinoid degrades to a degree, meaning it will have less potency than when it started. 

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Sublingual Dosing

The most common way for consumption using the tincture is by placing the drops under your tongue on the sublingual gland. This gland boasts a “fast route” to the bloodstream.

The suggestion is to hold the drops in this area for as long as you can. It allows as much of the substance to absorb into the system as possible before needing to swallow.

With this method, there is a much faster response time of approximately 30 minutes than merely swallowing the liquid. While fast-acting typically means the effects will be short-lived, you can generally anticipate a duration of roughly three hours with the tincture.

Food And Beverage Placement

The tincture offers a versatility incomparable with other forms of cannabidiol. The liquid on its own has a less than pleasant flavor that most people describe as bitter or earthy, which for some is difficult to tolerate. That’s why many choose to merely swallow as quickly as possible instead of holding it in place under the tongue.

Adding it to food or a drink helps disguise the taste whether you use it in a morning tea, add it to butter to create a baked good, put it on top of a salad, or blend it in with a smoothie. 

Again, ingesting in this way will still send the compound through the digestive system, so there will be a delayed response of approximately 90 minutes.

Still, you don’t need to worry if the food or drink will affect your benefits from the compound. You will still receive the same advantages as if you had swallowed the CBD on its own.

The only thing to be mindful of if using the tincture drops for cooking or baking is that heat can degrade the substance. It’s important to remember to heat slowly and on a low setting. It might take longer, but the compound will remain intact.

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Final Thought

Your preferred use of CBD is a genuinely personal decision based on your specific lifestyle and your needs. What works for one person will certainly not work for another, and that means not only the formula but the dosage, administration, and on. Everyone is unique, so remember to make the experience your own. 

While you might seek advice or recommendations, don’t follow another person’s journey. You won’t have the same results, effects, or benefits. And when you don’t, it’s not the fault of the cannabidiol; it’s because you’re indulging in a treatment plan not meant for you.

Before you begin putting any substance into your body, the ideal situation is to first consult with a physician to make sure you’re a good candidate, get suggestions on dosing and brands, and for monitoring.

From there, you should educate on the forms and find one convenient and easy for your situation.

Click for a beginner guide to CBD oil. It might take testing a few options to find the most effective and the correct dose. But do so with a trusted company that employs adequate lab testing and instills the best practices to produce quality products.

That’s how most people find the best opportunity, using trial-and-error since there are currently no fundamental rules, regulations, or guidelines to direct a universal approach.

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