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How To Design A Fresh And Exciting Business Website?



Do you own a business website? You must have heard people talking about the importance of website design.

But what is a good business website design? What makes it fresh and exciting?

Website designers are often advised not to design a website for brands. Instead, they should design it for the people who are going to interact with the brand.

Only then, you will attract new traffic and retain the customers that you already have.

How To Design A Fresh And Exciting Business Website

There are many advantages to maintaining a good business website. We will discuss them in this article. We will also show you some tried and tested tricks to design a fresh and exciting website.

Why is good web design crucial?

Let us look at some statistics:

  • 94% of first impressions are related to your site’s website design. Make sure to create a visually appealing site.
  • 75% of website credibility can be gained from the design. Strive to create an engaging website.
  • 73% of companies are already investing in design. To provide competition to your peers, you will have to start taking website design seriously.
  • If visitors were to read content on your website for fifteen minutes, 66% would rather look at a beautifully designed website. To attract and retain traffic, beautiful web design is a solution.
  • 74% of users will probably return to your site if it is mobile-friendly. You are missing out on a lot if you don’t have a responsive design.
  • Slow-loading websites result in a $2.6 billion revenue loss yearly. Don’t add to the figures. Improve your sales by increasing your website speed.

There are plenty of other benefits of investing in website design, but these are some of the major benefits.

Point For Creating Fresh And Exciting Business Website

How to design a fresh and exciting business website

Now, coming to designing a fresh and exciting website, here are some steps you can implement right away!

  • Use a content calendar

Why are your visitors visiting your site? Obviously, to consume your content!

If you don’t regularly post fresh, engaging, and informative content, you may lose site visitors.

To make things easier for you, you can create a content calendar. It will ensure that you post everything on schedule, be it blog posts, videos, tutorials, photos, or products.

WordPress plugin allows you to create Editorial Calendar, making it easy for you to schedule, edit, and publish posts.

You can also choose to use Google calendar if you simply want reminders.

  • Build a Mobile-responsive website

Mobile Responsive Website


You are missing out on a lot, in case your website is not mobile-friendly. And people are more likely to stay on a responsive website.

Go for a mobile-first approach. Ensure that the texts, images, Logos, and other elements display without any problem on smaller screens.

Navigation is another feature you should give importance to. Consider leaving the essential menu items visible even on smaller screens. You can use the hamburger menu for the remaining links. Including links to other pages in the text on your homepage can also make the navigation process easier.

It is tempting to go for unique designs to make your web interface look appealing, but it is of no use if your visitors can’t use it. Don’t complicate the navigation. Keep it simple by following a minimalist approach.

And make sure to follow consistency in design. Shopify does a great job in showing the consistency that boosts user-experience. They keep the design the same for the desktop to mobile devices except for the call-to-action button and illustrations.

  • Provide security

Even if you have designed the best website, if you are not providing security, you will still be losing visitors. People abandon sites for security reasons.

In a study, it was found out that the most important personality trait that makes a brand successful is trustworthiness.

So, how can you gain your customer’s trust? Provide security to them. It can be done in several ways.
You should install an SSL certificate and implement a site seal that will indicate to the visitors that your site is secure. It will secure your users’ personal information (like – username, password, credit/debit card details, social security number, etc.) from man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks.

If you are the owner of an eCommerce business and configured subdomains to manage multiple stores, then you can get a Wildcard SSL Certificate. It will secure your main site along with all subdomains and save your time as well as an administrative cost. It will save your time and administrative cost and secure your main site along with all subdomains.

Another way to improve security and gain the trust of your customers is to display reviews from only verified purchasers or users on your site.
Implement this tip, especially if you are an e-commerce platform.

  • Increase your site speed

As per a survey, 47% of web visitors expect your site to load in two seconds or less. And another survey reveals that web pages that took 2.4 seconds to load saw a 1.9% mobile conversation rate.

Here’s what a Walmart survey suggests:

Optimizing your images, using good hosting services, minimizing HTTPS requests, minimizing and combining files, using asynchronous loading for CSS and JavaScript files, reducing server response time, enabling compression, using a CDN, and reducing redirects are some ways to increase your site speed.

While you are at it, also, check your mobile site speed as many visitors will be browsing your site using mobile phones.

Increasing your site speed will also automatically increase your site visibility, which is linked to increased sales.


A website is like your shop window first impressions matter! So designing an attractive website is a must. It is wise to invest in an experienced designer to get the desired result.

And after you lure your customers, you will have to be able to offer the best customer experience in order to retain them and drive sales. Businesses all over are making website designing a priority. To be able to give a cut-throat competition, you will have to follow suit.

At all times, keep your website optimized. And don’t forget to regularly update your website as well. Displaying the same content and visuals every day can bore repeat customers and drive them away. Update your text and images frequently, and keep them enticing.

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