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How to Start a Student Blog



How to Start a Student Blog

How to Start a Student Blog

What is a blog? It is a place  wherein you can put all your ideas and opinions that you want to share with other people. It can be about studies, life, and you can even promote your other social media accounts. Student blogs focus more on academic matters while the other types are more on a personal perspective. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you are into but one thing is for sure, posting regularly can enhance your writing, communication, and writing skills. You will probably develop a group of readers with the same interest. In creating a student blog, you can enhance your skill in dealing with different arguments and work efficiently. As a starter, you can look for some tips for other new bloggers on how they start blogging. You can also look for blog platforms at no cost, know how to be a guest blogger, and what subjects to talk about.

  • Select interesting topics.

Do you have a specific topic you want to discuss? If not, you can still write about the things that show your passion. It can be academic-related or not for the reason that it can be useful in your career in the future. You should have a clear idea of what to prevent you and your readers from getting bored. Keep in mind that your page should be interesting so that many readers will keep coming back.

  • Place some pictures on your page.

Text and images can enhance your page. Different photos and copied notes can be a great help to represent your ideas so that you will not need to write long essays. At the bottom of every photo, you can put in short captions to summarize your ideas. One good thing about utilizing photos is that it can make your page to be more strikingly interesting for more readers.

  • Make use of free blog platforms.

Most amateur bloggers are using free blogging platforms as their blog host. Most free blogging platforms are easy to use and yet they have so much to offer. They will help you to create your style and make a solid foundation on the success of your blog. When your page becomes popular, you might want to try to purchase your domain name. Customization is very important. You can get tons of free templates from the said platforms. The process of using them is simple. All you need to do is to select your built-in template with your preferred layout. Some of the famous blogging websites are,, and

  • Set practical goals.

When you start your blog, the hard part is maintaining it every single day. You should be motivated enough when writing about your interests and be sure that you have practical goals. Let’s say, your goal is to make 15 published posts for your first month or two posts per week. You are the one who sets the rules for your blog. It doesn’t matter how many posts you have each day as long as you have the free time in between your studies, social life, or even half-time work if any. Make sure that you can balance your tasks efficiently.

  • Join an active blogging group.

As a starter, you must not expect that your site will gain popularity easily. This goal will consume you a lot of time and motivation. Check the page of the famous bloggers with the same topic as yours and you will start to find out how your chosen content should work and who your target audience will be. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t communicate in the group that looks like you are only spamming your own blog URL. Instead, you interact with your co-bloggers and follow them if you find them interesting.

  • Perform guest blogging.

It is a popular way to make your page publicly seen by a huge crowd. Make sure that you are aware about the site’s topics and if it suits your style in blogging. Normally, you will choose your own topic but oftentimes, you can be asked to compose regarding a particular subject.

These are the six steps that you can utilize to assure that your blog content will attract a large crowd. But if you are not into long text and essays, you can get help from a paper writing service. They offer different kinds of services from student blogging to research papers.

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