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Easy Learning Apps On Smart Phone



Easy Learning Apps On Smart Phone

Classroom-based education is the conventional mode of teaching and learning. Regrettably, because of the lack of infrastructure, both teachers and books, the bulk of students suffer occasionally. The significance of the spurt in mobile programs intended for smartphones may help students in a big way. They can also help students who want another perspective on a subject. The majority of these apps are manufactured by or with the support of famous educational institutions.

List Of Apps For Easy Learning

Byju’s Learning App

Byju's Learning App

Developed by a Bangalore-based coaching centre Byju Classes, the program is created for school students from 6th to 12th class and those accepting Civil Service and Combined Aptitude Test (CAT) examinations. All courses can be found through online videos.

The kind of presentation is a bit standard but effective. The instructor occupies a little corner at the display while the remaining part of the display is utilized to display diagrams, diagrams and charts on the subject.

When you are through these assignments, you can monitor your progress through a progress meter and even test your abilities with free tests offered inside the program. The systematic organization and solid focus on Indian content make up for the absence of a visual component. 

Hello Class

Hello Class

Hello Class helps students looking for answers to difficult questions. Just select your grade, topic, and type in your issue from the chat box. In case it’s written down someplace else have an image and upload it in the box.

The app will locate an instructor who can assist you over the chat. If you’re interested in a mentor to assist you with a particular subject, the app creators will get back to you overcall.

This could have been more helpful if there had been a list of personal tutors with their credentials. The subjects covered are pretty traditional and include those for which pupils require tuitions like Physics, Chemistry, Maths.

TuitionAtHome – India’s Favorite Learning Application 

TuitionAtHome - India’s favourite Learning Application 

Tuitionathome is India’s favorite learning Application. It is a very user-friendly application at which you would find a wide range of course details. The perfect application for Tuition In Home in which you find video presentation, PowerPoint, Info images, and live instruction videos.

This particular program is extremely fast and light-weighted. We have special deals for Schools who would love to get this program at an affordable price. A very similar type of application such as Byju and much more convenient.

For students that have difficulty in attending the training class or being too far out of their resident address then this program is just for them.

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This schooling Vocabulary app is among the most helpful and effective apps that guarantee your success in tests like GRE, TOFEL, GMAT, CAT, ESL, SAT,

Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is owned by a non-profit organization which earlier supplied brief lectures and instructional content over YouTube. The program compiles thousands of videos and lectures under one roof. It provides content for college students as well as for competitive exams like SAT, MCAT and IIT JEE



SoloLearn is still a developer on Google Play. They have a great deal of education apps. Their specialization is in computer programming. Therefore, all their programs teach you a computer language.

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