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How To Play GameCube Games On A PC



How To Play GameCube Games On A PC

How To Play GameCube Games On A PC

If you are among those lucky to have actively lived through the Nintendo GameCube era, chances are you sometimes find yourself feeling a little nostalgic. The sweet spot right after Nintendo 64, but before the Wii.

The GameCube was the first-ever console by Nintendo that used optical disks for primary storage. They had already gained recognition for their famous Super Mario and Legend of Zelda series, which continued on the GameCube.

Think about your favorite game growing up. The day came when you couldn’t play it anymore. More likely than not, the console became too old and eventually got tossed out and new online games like sa gaming, etc started taking over people. Then a couple of years go by and you get the urge to play it just one more time. That would mean figuring out a way to retrieve the console, finding the right adapters and cables, just to play Super Mario? Neither practical nor convenient.

This is one of the main reasons why ROM file gaming became so popular. A pretty straightforward way to enjoy these classics on your computer and the chance to relieve or experience anew what early 2000’s gaming was like.

To get started, you will need:

  •  A PC – (Your Mac, Windows or Linux can let you experience the origin of gaming, but be sure to check the compatibility of the emulator and ROM file to your system before downloading)
  •  An emulator
  •  ROM Game Files of your favorite GameCube Games

Step 1: The Emulator

An emulator allows you to run programs originally designed for a specific type of system, on a different system. You are essentially making your PC a universal console: an arcade if you wish. It works using software simulation of the hardware components it was originally designed for. Today’s computer is much faster than the older more traditional console, meaning these games run faster with even higher resolution.

Older consoles like the GameCube were much simpler than modern day systems like the Xbox One, meaning it’s a lot easier to build emulators for them, with a lot less effort. Which is why finding and downloading a high performing emulator for a more traditional console is fairly easy and the download process very straightforward. itself has nearly 50 emulators available for you to download.

Based on the game you would like to run, choose an appropriate emulator for the system it was originally designed for. Because our focus is on GameCube games, select one among the 5 options available to you. There are ratings and number of downloads conveniently placed alongside each emulator. Use these as a guide in case you’re having some trouble deciding on which one to download. For Super Smash Bros.Melee, you can choose from Dolphine X86, GCEmu, Super GCube, WhineCube, and GCube.

Step 2: Download ROM Files of your Favorite GameCube Games has over 1400 GameCube ROM files for you to choose from. Take as much time as you need to browse through these. You can perform a direct search if you already know what file you want to download, like in our case, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Click on the game file and it will redirect you to the download page. The page is very easy to navigate through. You will find details on the file name, user ratings, file size, region, console, genre, and even number of downloads to date. Once you click on download, the process should start almost immediately.

In case you have not yet downloaded the emulator, not to worry. There is a link alongside the console description that can take you directly to emulator options for that specific file, and you can select one from there.

Step 3: Install the Emulator and ROM Files

Once the Emulator and game file have successfully downloaded onto your PC, it is time to install and run.

  •  Open the emulator (I went with Dolphine X86).
  •  Select the ROM file you want to run (in my case, Super Smash Bros. Melee)
  •  Start playing!

ROM File Gaming is a quick and easy way to enjoy your favorite games. However, like any other software you opt to download from the Internet, remember to be cautious. Use trusted, easy to use sites like for your favorite GameCube ROMs and emulators.

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