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The Best Cycling Apps for You



The Best Cycling Apps for You

The Best Cycling Apps for You

There are so many cycling apps that are being introduced into the market day by day. These apps can assist you when you want to hassle your council to improve the roads, monitor your training and record your riding exercise. Some of the best mountain biking apps that you can use for your android and iPhone are:

  1. Strava cycling app

This is one of the best famous GPS cycling apps which can give you different handy ride logging functions with which you can upload to your strava online profile. This app will monitor the rides that you make as you are traveling; that is the distance covered, time, speed at the same time it will track all places that you have visited. After you are through with your ride, you can view other stats such as elevation ridden and calories that have been burned.

  1. Relive cycling app

With this app you will be able to record any ride on polar or endomondo, Garmin connect or strava and later on you can see it played for you in a 3D map with power data, heart rate and complete with speed.

  1. Wahoo phone app

With this app it is possible for you to track your rides by pairing it with Bluetooth sensors such as power meters, speed sensors and heart rate monitors. In case you have a device which uses ANT+, then you should not worry as this app has the wahoo key plugin which you can use in pairing to your device. Addition, this app has so many customizable pages for you to be able to see your GPS maps and your data on the board.

  1. ViewRanger cycling app

This is also one of the best cycling app which can allow you to add some routes, which other users can be able to browse them from part in this world. The in-app purchases imply that you can buy premium maps which are offered by Ordnance survey.

  1. Cyclemeter cycling app

This is a comprehensive cycling app for IOS which uses the GPS settings of Apple devices in creating different statistics which can assist you to login into it so that you can improve your cycling performance. It has the ability to record distance, time and speed and has so many workouts that you can follow, thereby making it the best virtual training partner. This app also has some in-built announcements which can inform you where you are heading to, thus preventing you from taking your away from the road so that you can look the place that you are head to. You can upload the data that is recorded by the app to the Strava or any other ridesharing website.

  1. Endomondo cycling app

Instead of only logging into and tracking your activities, the endomondo app has been designed by the best personal trainer for you. It has some features such as audio encouragement so as to motivate you while you are riding. It is available for the blackberry, windows phone, android and IOS.

  1. Garmin connect cycling app

This app can offer you a link so that you can connect your mobile device with the Garmin GPS device for you to be able to share data. This kind of connection can work on either way, if you get a compatible Garmin GPS you will get that it can display notifications of data about weather on your handlebars. Your mobile device will be able to get data from the Garmin device, thereby give you different ways that you can use in displaying the numbers such as maps, graphs and charts. This app allows your friends or relatives to be able to follow the progress that you are making online as you are riding; since you are able to upload all the activities that you have done. It is available for the android and IOS.

  1. Cycle hire cycling app

This is an independent cycling app that was designed by Alexander Baxevanis. If you like to use the London Cycle Hire scheme then it is a must that you have this app as it can assist while you are cycling through the different routes. This app can assist you to know the best route that you can use to the cycle hire docking station and also tell you the number of spaces and bikes that are there on the kind of route that you will be riding. You can use this app so that you can view the details of your cycle hire accounts such as recent journeys that you have covered. It is available for IOS.

  1. Bike hub journey planner app

This app can assist in deciding the best route that you will use from the start of your cycling journey to the finish by using the road, permitted paths and cycle paths( By omitting motorways and dual carriageways). This app is available for the UK residents only and uses the maps offered by the With this app you can select different routes from the available options so that you not only get the quickest route but also have a chance to use a route which does not have so many hills. Addition this app has a function that can assist you to get a bike shop nearby so that you do not get stuck when your bike breaks down when you are cycling. It is available for the android for the android and IOS.

  1. Fill that hole app

For so many years very few cyclists would be happy that they had journey free from potholes on their local roads. With the introduction of the Fill that Hole app, it has made it easy for the cyclists to report the location of the potholes which can be forwarded to the local authority for them to be addressed. You can also take a picture of that location and upload it to the app. It is available for the android and IOS.

If you like cycling then these array of apps can be of great benefit to you.


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