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In today’s generation children are highly influenced by internet and Smartphone. They are not able to differentiate between right and wrong actions which lead to many heinous crimes. In order to take care of this, it is necessary for parents to have a complete control on their child activities so that they can protect him/her from any fraud.

In this regard, Spyzie – a parental control app is an amazing application that allows parents to track their children phone. This app can be easily installed on any android device with a very simple procedure. It provides all the information from any targeted android phone including calls, messages, internet and social networks. The info can be tracked from any single device, Smartphone, tablet, PC provided the device must have a good internet connection.

How to install Spyzie on your android device?

The process of downloading the spyzie app on your device is very simple. The step by step guide to install spyzie is described below:

  • Visit the official website of scom.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • After that register on the app with email id and set a strong password.
  • Once you successfully sign up, you can access the app easily.
  • Now a process will initiate on the monitoring device. Everything is clearly mentioned on the app for doing the same. Along with that a laymen is also there to help you.
  • The first step of the process is to enter the name and age of the targeted device. Also, choose the operating system of device i.e., android or ios. Tap next.
  • Then enable the app and begin downloading from setting >security>unknown sources.
  • Then settings>Google>security and disable ‘play protect’ as it shows the monitoring apps as malware.
  • After that install the app. To install point the phone browser to and take the slider to the left side of landing page.
  • The application is downloaded now. Now click on the complete download notification to install the APK.
  • After installation, click on the next button. Now it will display the guidelines to enable the monitoring service on android device.
  • The task of the targeted phone is begin now. Launch ‘spyzie’ app from the launcher. You will see a login page. Enter the email address and password to login into the spyzie account. Once you will log in, it will ask several permissions. Just follow the simple instructions and grant all the permissions to enable it.
  • After doing it, go back to your device and tap on ‘start monitoring’. Now you will be able to track all the information from the targeted device.

After the completion of process, it requires some time to sync the data. The device should have an active internet connection for the same. Then you will be able to track all the desired information from the targeted device like call logs, messages, contact, photos and many more.

Usage and experience of the spyzie app:

Once you have successfully set up the device, a dashboard will appear. The dashboard will display all the information of the device like new call, new messages, current location, most dialed contacts, and frequent used apps on the device.

There is a sidebar option situated at the left of the screen which enables the user to track different arrears of the targeted device.

  • Calls: All the calls along with name call duration time and call type.
  • Contacts: You will see all the contacts of the targeted phone.
  • Messages: All the text messages on the phone can be tracked with searchable conversational view.
  • Social media apps:All the apps including whatsapp, facebook, messenger, snapchat, line, instagram, Skype, tinder and many more can be spied. In whatsapp it will show you everything like app notifications, logs and screenshots. Similar goes with facebook and messenger.
  • Location: The current location of the targeted phone will be shown on a map.
  • Capturing screenshots:It will allow you to take the screenshots from the targeted device anytime
  • Browser history: It shows whatever has been searched in the browser by your child.
  • Photos: It displays the copy of all the pictures in the gallery or taken by the camera in low resolution. The user can also download the photos in high resolution with the download icon.
  • Video preview: It will only show the videos taken on the phone but will not allow playing the video.
  • Calendar: It displays the events of the calendar in a reverse sequence.
  • Key logger: It shows the words that are typed on different apps.

Characteristics of the spyzie app:

Spyzie parental control app is a very reliable application that consists of numerous features defined below:

  1. Track social media networks:

Nowadays, children are more prone to social media apps like facebook, whatsapp, instagram and become victims of many crimes. For this, the spizzy app enables the parents to have a complete look on the chats and messages of their children social accounts.

  1. Geofences:

With the help of this feature you can restrict an area which you don’t want your child to cross. If the child’s phone will crossed that location then it will send an alert notification to you and the time of crossing will be tracked.

  1. Applications:

This is avery exciting feature as it allows the guardian to block certain apps from their child’s phone so that your child cannot access them. In case your child tried to open the blocked apps, then it will showed a warning concerning with ‘contact your guardian’.

  1. Schedule restrictions:

Through this, you can schedule the time on the phone for which the child can access the targeted device.

  1. Track notes and memos:

It will display the user all the notes saved in the child’s device sort by date, day and time.

  1. View documents:

With this, users can get all the saved information of the PDF, word, power point from internal memory

Advantages of the spyzie app:

  • The app can be easily installed on android and ios versions conveniently.
  • There is no need to do jailbreak for accessing the application.
  • With the ‘stealth mode option’, the targeted device cannot know about the tracking of their device.
  • The app secures all the personal data with 100% security.
  • It offers a user friendly interface
  • Online demo is also available before purchasing the premium version.
  • All the information can be tracked even if it gets deleted from the targeted device.
  • It allows the user to track the data from any other computer, laptop, and phone simply by login.

Disadvantages of the spizzy app:

  • There is no option to download or play the videos.
  • Continuous monitoring can make the targeted phone slow.

Spyzie app pricing plans:

For android the app offers two plans:

  • Premium Edition:$29.99/month, $39.99/quarter or $89.99/year provides all features except key logger and social media apps.
  • Ultimate Edition:$39.99/month, $49.99/quarter or $99.99/year provides full accessibility with no restrictions.

For the ios, there is a single plan available at $39.99/month.

The above mentioned prices are for single device only. If you want to monitor more than one device then the volume plans are also available which is reasonable.

Final words:

If parents or guardians really look for some method to keep a regular eye on their child’s activities, then spyzie is a perfect application to fulfill the purpose. The app delivers accurate information of the targeted device to the user. Users can try the app for free version and purchase it after getting fully satisfied.


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